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A Comparison of the Rate of Premature Rupture of Membranes between Twin versus Singleton Pregnancy 1101
Rujiwetpongstorn J PDF
Breast Cancer Screening among Women in Thailand: Analyses of Population-Based Household Surveys 1106
Mukem S, Sriplung H, McNeil E, Tangcharoensathien V PDF
Outcomes of Gestational Weight Gain Outside the Institute of Medicine Guidelines 1119
Asvanarunat E PDF
Pregnancy Outcome and Predictive Factors for Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes of Cephalopelvic Disproportion Pregnancies in a Resource-Limited Setting with an Efficient Referral System 1126
Nuchpramool P, Hanprasertpong T PDF
A Comparative Study of Outcomes after Transcatheter Closure of Secundum-Type Atrial Septum Defect in Adults Younger than 60 Years and the Older Ones 1133
Jampates S, Hengrussamee K PDF
A Prospective, Longitudinal, Multicenter, Observational Study to Assess Insulin Treatment Patterns in Diabetic Patients in Thailand: Results from the TITAN Study 1140
Rawdaree P, Sarinnapakorn V, Pattanaungkul S, Khovidhunkit W, Tannirandorn P, Peerapatdit T PDF
Comparative Study between the Phramongkutklao’s Diabetic Blenderized Diets and Commercial Diabetic Diets on Glycemic Variability in Continuous Tube Fed Patients with Type 2 Diabetes 1151
Tiyapanjanit T, Boonyavarakul A PDF
Predictors for Low Disease Activity and Remission in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Treated with Biological DMARDs 1157
Wacharapornin P, Suwannalai P PDF
Evaluating Synchronous Esophageal Cancer in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Using Lugol Dye Chromoendoscopy 1164
Laohawiriyakamol S, Sunpaweravong S, Leelamanit V, Pruegsanusak K, Sinkijcharoenchai W PDF
Comparison of Minimal Fresh Gas Requirements of Baby Enclosed Afferent Reservoir and Jackson Rees Anesthetic Circuit for General Anesthesia in Spontaneously Breathing Children 1171
Theerapongpakdee S, Sathitkarnmanee T, Tribuddharat S, Rojanapithayakorn N, Uppan K, Thongrong C, Bunsangcharoen P PDF
An Innovation of Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS: A Technique) for Advanced Cataract Disease in Thailand 1177
Jongsareejit A, Saenghirun S PDF
Occupational Contact Dermatitis in Tertiary University Hospital: A 5-Year Retrospective Study 1182
Boonchai W, Thanomkitti K, Kasemsarn P PDF
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST): Computed Tomographic Features and Correlation of CT Findings with Histologic Grade 1189
Pinaikul S, Woodtichartpreecha P, Kanngurn S, Leelakiatpaiboon S PDF
Ultrasound Surveillance for Hepatocellular Carcinoma of At-Risk Patients in Ramathibodi Hospital 1199
Prapruttam D, Suksai J, Kitiyakara T, Phongkitkarun S PDF
Initial Dosage Regimen of Vancomycin for Septic Shock Patients: A Pharmacokinetic Study and Monte Carlo Simulation 1209
Katip W, Jaruratanasirikul S, Pattharachayakul S, Wongpoowarak W, Jitsurong A PDF