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Correlation between Weight Transfer on Paretic Limb While Standing in Three Directions and Fugl-Meyer Assessment for Lower Extremities in Individuals with Stroke 1
Satjanitikun A, Pichaiyongwongdee S, Jalayondeja C PDF
Immediate Effect of Hold-Relax Stretching of Iliopsoas Muscle on Transversus Abdominis Muscle Activation in Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain with Lumbar Hyperlordosis 6
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Effects of Foot Muscles Training on Plantar Pressure Distribution during Gait, Foot Muscle Strength, and Foot Function in Persons with Flexible Flatfoot 12
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Prevalence of Scoliosis among High School Students 18
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Trunk Extensor, Flexor and Lateral Flexor Endurance Time in Sedentary Workers Aged 20-49 Years 23
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Psychological Stress Can Be Decreased by Traditional Thai Massage 29
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Concurrent Validity of the Pediatric Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction for Balance to Quantify Postural Sway and Movement Strategies of Children Aged 7-12 Years 36
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Gluteus Medius Muscle Activities during Standing Hip Abduction Exercises in the Transverse Plane at Different Angles 42
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Correlation of Short Form-36, Energy Expenditure and Six-Minute Walk Test in Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft and Post Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Patients 48
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Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Compendium of Physical Activity: Thai Translation and Content Validity 53
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A Pilot Study of a 12-Week Leg Exercise and a 6- and 12-Month Follow-Up in Community-Dwelling Diabetic Elders: Effect on Dynamic Standing Balance 60
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Correlation between Pressure Pain Threshold and Soft Tissue Displacement in Muscle Pain Conditions 68
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Trunk Muscle Performance and Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Manual Lifting with Back Belt Wearing Workers 74
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Thai Version of the Kujala Patellofemoral Questionnaire in Knee Pain Patients: Cross-Cultural Validation and Test-Retest Reliability 81
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Effects of Thai Dancing on Median Neurodynamic Response During 4-Hour Computer Use 86
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Effects of Thai Massage on Spasticity in Young People with Cerebral Palsy 92
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Thai Version of the Functional Rating Index for Patients with Back and Neck Pain: Part 1 Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Reliability and Validity 97
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Dyad Training Protocol on Learning of Bimanual Cup Stacking in Individuals with Stroke: Effects of Observation Duration 106
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Improvement of Gait Symmetry in Patients with Stroke by Motor Imagery 113
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The Adaptive Patterns of Pelvic Alignment in Individuals with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis 119
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Muscle Activity of Abdominal and Back Muscles during Six Starting Positions in Untrained Individuals 125
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