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Original Article

Relapsed Melioidosis Model in C57BL/6 Mice 1
Panomket P, Wongsana P, Wanram S, Wongratanacheewin S, Bartpho T PDF
Antibacterial Activity of Excretions-Secretions from Chrysomya megacephala Against Escherichia coli 7
Chaiwong T, Srivoramas T, Sebsumran P, Panya M, Wanram S, Panomket P PDF
Prevalence of blaPenA and blaOXA in Burkholderia pseudomallei Isolated from Patients at Sappasitthiprasong Hospital and Their Susceptibility to Ceftazidime and Carbapenems 12
Panya M, Thirat S, Wanram S, Panomket P, Nilsakul J PDF
Detection of Leptospira in Rats Trapped from Households in Phraroj Village, Muang Sam Sip District, Ubon Ratchathani Province Using Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique 17
Wongbutdee J, Jittimanee J PDF
Andrographolide Ameliorates Beta-Naphthoflavone- Induced CYP1A Enzyme Activity and Lipid Peroxidation in Hamsters with Acute Opisthorchiasis 22
Udomsuk L, Chatuphonprasert W, Jarukamjorn K, Sithithaworn P PDF
Isolation, Identification, and Evaluation of Novel Probiotic Strains Isolated from Feces of Breast-Fed Infants 28
Panya M, Lulitanond V, Rattanachaikunsopon P, Srivoramas T, Chaiwong T PDF
Association between Alcohol Consumption and Pre-Diabetes among 383,442 Thai Population Aged 15 Years and Older in Ubon Ratchathani: Analytical Cross-Sectional Study 35
Suebsamran P, Choenchoopon H, Rojanasaksothorn S, Loiha S, Chamnan P PDF
Factors Related to the Sexual Behaviors among Youth in Universities Located in the Eastern Region of Thailand 43
Thongnopakun S, Maharachpong N, Abdullakasim P PDF
Antioxidant Activity and Cytotoxic Effect of Ventilago denticulata Willd Leaves Extracts 51
Pongjanta A, Pangjit K, Srichairatanakool S PDF
Iron-Chelating and Anti-Hemolytic Properties of Ethanolic Extract of Lotus (Nelumbonucifera Gaertn) Leaves 58
Pangjit K, Udomsuk L, Upanan S, Pongjanta A, Chansiw N, Srichairatanakool S PDF
Comparison of Automated and Conventional IHC Visual Scoring Analysis for MHC Class I and Tapasin Expression in Cervical Carcinoma 67
Wanram S, Sombatwong J, Sakunpong A, Prasongdee P, Panomket P, Wongsena P, Limpaiboon T, Jearanaikoon P PDF

Special Article

Comparative Studies of Structural and Functional Properties of Snake Venom Metalloproteinases 76
Pinyachat A PDF
Overview: Detection of Human Papillomavirus in Clinical Samples 89
Prakrankamanant P, Wongsena M PDF
Nutraceutical for Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Therapy 97
Yuajit C, Chatsudthipong V PDF