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Original Article

Adverse affects of Paclitaxel and Carboplatin Combination Chemotherapy in Epithelial Gynecologic Cancer 301
Kietpeerakool C, Suprasert P, Srisomboon J PDF
Changing Physician’s Practice on Antenatal Corticosteroids in Preterm Birth 307
Saengwaree P, Liabsuetrakul T PDF
One Year Study of Implanon on the Adverse Events and Discontinuation 314
Chaovisitsaree S, Piyamongkol W, Pongsatha S, Morakote N, Noium S, Soonthornlimsiri N PDF
Operative Treatment of Hepatic Trauma in Vachira Phuket Hospital 318
Vatanaprasan T PDF
Vaccination Against Hepatitis B Virus: Are Thai Medical Students Sufficiently Protected? 329
Techasathit W, Ratanasuwan W, Sonjai A, Sangsiriwut K, Anekthananon T, Suwanagool S PDF
Estimated Economic Losses of Hospitalized AIDS Patients at Siriraj Hospital from January 2003 to December 2003: Time for Aggressive Voluntary Counseling and HIV Testing 335
Ratanasuwan W, Anekthananon T, Techasathit W, Rongrungruang Y, Sonjai A, Suwanagool S PDF
Tonometry after Laser in Situ Keratomileusis Treatment: A Preliminary Study in Thai Patients 340
Ruangvaravate N, Thuangtong A, Kosrirukvongs P, Prabhasawat P, Booranapong W, Srivannaboon S PDF
Retrobulbar Injection of Triamcinolone in Thyroid Associated Orbitopathy 345
Poonyathalang A, Preechawat P, Charoenkul W, Tangtrakul P PDF
Nondiagnostic Core Needle Biopsy of the Breast under Imaging Guidance: Result of Rebiopsy 350
Wiratkapun C, Wibulpholprasert B, Wongwaisayawan S, Pulpinyo K PDF
Single Dose Oral Clonidine Premedication Does not Enhance Postoperative, Single Low Dose Epidural Morphine Analgesia in Hysterectomy Patients 358
Oofuvong M, Chanvej L, Thongsuksai P PDF
Correlation between Symptoms and Urodynamic Findings in Thai Female Patients with Urinary Incontinence 364
Roongruangsilp U, Lertsithichai P, Kochakarn W, Ratana-Olarn K PDF
The Efficiency of Different Adjunct Techniques for Regional Anesthesia 371
Pongraweewan O, Lertakyamanee J, Luangnateethep U, Pooviboonsuk P, Nanthaniran M, Sathanasaowapak P, Chainchop P PDF
Aural Rehabilitation for Deaf Children: A Northeastern Thailand Experience 377
Lertsukprasert K, Prathanee B PDF
Management of Life Threatening Hemorrhage from Facial Fracture 382
Siritongtaworn P PDF
Sentinel Node Localization in Breast Cancer Using Intradermal Dye Injection: Results, Influencing Factors and Learning Curve 386
Ratanachaikanont T, Karalak A PDF
A Test Strip IgM Dot-ELISA Assay Using Leptospiral Antigen of Endemic Strains for Serodiagnosis of Acute Leptospirosis 391
Tansuphasiri U, Deepradit S, Phulsuksombati D, Tangkanakul W PDF
Randomized Trial of Atorvastatin in Improving Endothelial Function in Diabetics without Prior Coronary Disease and Having Average Cholesterol Level 399
Tantikosoom W, Thinkhamrop B, Kiatchusakul S, Jarernsiripornkul N, Srinakarin J, Ojongpian S PDF
Reliability of the Roland - Morris Disability Questionnaire (Thai version) for the Evaluation of Low Back Pain Patients 407
Jirarattanaphochai K, Jung S, Sumananont C, Saengnipanthkul S PDF
Cross-Validation of a Self-Report Scale for Postoperative Pain in School-Aged Children 412
Suraseranivongse S, Montapaneewat T, Manon J, Chainchop P, Petcharatana S, Kraiprasit K PDF
Six Criteria for Rabies Diagnosis in Living Dogs 419
Tepsumethanon V, Wilde H, Meslin F PDF

Case Report

Spontaneous Resorption of an Insect Hair in the Corneal Stroma: A Case Report 423
Ausayakhun S, Pathanapitoon K, Siriwanasan R, Watananikorn S PDF
A Case Report of Infant with Left Ventricular Noncompaction 426
Roymanee S, Promphan W, Sopontammarak S PDF
Bilateral Kuttner Tumor of Submandibular Glands; A Case Report and Review of the Literature 430
Larbcharoensub N, Pongtippan A PDF
Concomitant Dengue Infection and Kawasaki Disease in an Infant: A Case Report and Literature Review 436
Mekmullica J, Pancharoen C, Deerojanawong J, Lertsapcharoen P, Thisyakorn U, Thisyakorn C PDF

Medical Ethics

Searching for Medical Ethics in Dharma Conversation 440
Phaosavasdi S, Thamkhantho M, Uerpairojkit B, Pruksapong C, Kanjanapitak A PDF