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Original Article

Diagnostic Value of Pleural Fluid Adenosine Deaminase in Tuberculous Pleuritis at Thammasat University Hospital 1
Saiphoklang N, Kanitsap A, Ruchiwit P PDF
Correlation of Academic Activity Attendance and Examination Scores of Internal Medicine Residents 10
Limvorapitak W PDF
Comparative Study of Postoperative Pain between Maylard Incision and Pfannenstiel Incision in Gynecologic Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial 16
Chaywiriyangkool C, Manusook S, Pongrojpaw D, Somprasit C, Bhamarapravatana K, Suwannarurk K PDF
Combinational Treatment Effect of Tetrahydrocurcumin and Celecoxib on Cervical Cancer Cell-Induced Tumor Growth and Tumor Angiogenesis in Nude Mice 23
Yoysungnoen B, Bhattarakosol P, Changtam C, Patumraj S PDF
Nomogram of Intracranial Translucency in the First Trimester Ultrasound of Pregnant Women at Thammasat University Hospital 32
Nanthakomon T, Pongrojpaw D, Chanthasenannont A, Somprasit C, Tanprasertkul C, Suwannarurk K PDF
A Comparative Study of the Spontaneous Labor Rate in Scheduled Elective Cesarean Section at 38 Weeks versus 39 Weeks of Gestation in Parturient with Previous Cesarean Section 37
Todumrong N, Somprasit C, Tanprasertkul C, Bhamarapravatana K, Suwannarurk K PDF
Early Experience of Gasless Video-Assisted Neck Surgery (VANS) for Thyroid Nodules in Thailand 42
Prasert W PDF
Differentiation of Serum sLOX-1 and NO Levels in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients with Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis and Those Without Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis 48
Chaiyawatthanananthn P, Suwanprasert K, Muengtaweepongsa S PDF
Fractional CO2 Laser for Vulvovaginal Atrophy 54
Lekskulchai O, Mairaing K, Vinayanuvattikhun N PDF
Multicenter Experience of Primary Transanal Endorectal Pull-Through Operation in Childhood Hirschsprung’s Disease 59
Imvised T, Vejchapipat P, Chiengkriwate P, Thepsuwan P, Tiansri K, Kiatipunsodsai S PDF
Comparison of Cleaning up Eyelids after Taking off False Eyelashes between Eye Makeup Remover Alone and Eye Makeup Remover with Ocusoft® 65
Makornwattana M, Sontichai V PDF
Sonographic Appearance of Soft Tissue Lipomas 69
Vivitmongkonchai K, Wangcharoenrung D, Kintarak J PDF
The Biological Characteristics of Placenta Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cultured in Human Serum 75
Thaweesapphithak S, Tantrawatpan C, Kheolamai P, Tantikanlayaporn D, Manochantr S PDF
Longitudinal Case-Control Study of Imitation in Younger Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 84
Chunsuwan I, Ruangdaraganon N, Sombuntham T, Wattanasoontornsakul P, Amornchaichan P PDF
Chicken Essence and Cognitive Function: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 93
Charernboon T, Jaisin K, Pattanaseri K PDF
Cytotoxic, Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Heliotropium indicum Extracts 102
Chunthorng-Orn J, Dechayont B, Phuaklee P, Prajuabjinda O, Juckmeta T, Itharat A PDF
Cytotoxic Activity Against Cancer Cell Lines from The Ethanolic Extracts and Its VLC Fractions of Bauhinia strychnifolia Leaves 110
Panchinda C, Ruangnoo S, Itharat A PDF
Antimicrobial Activities of Thai Traditional Remedy “Kheaw-Hom” and Its Plant Ingredients for Skin Infection Treatment in Chickenpox 116
Sukkasem K, Panthong S, Itharat A PDF
Bioactivities of Ethanolic Extracts of Three Parts (Wood, Nutmeg and Mace) from Myristica fragrans Houtt. 124
Champasuri S, Itharat A PDF
A Prospective Observational Study of Emergency Airway Management in Emergency Department 131
Srivilaithon W PDF
Anti-inflammatory Activities of Extracts of Cinnamomum porrectum (Roxb.) Kosterm. Wood (Thep-tha-ro) 138
Pukdeekumjorn P, Ruangnoo S, Itharat A PDF
Antimicrobial Activities of Medicinal Plants Mostly used for Acute Pharyngitis Treatment 144
Siriwattanasatorn M, Panthong S, Itharat A PDF
Normal Measurement of Diameters of the Common Bile Ducts in Different Aged Groups 153
Piyawong W, Lekhavat V PDF
Efficacy of Delayed versus Immediate Cord Clamping in Late Preterm Newborns following Normal Labor: A Randomized Control Trial 159
Salae R, Tanprasertkul C, Somprasit C, Bhamarapravatana K, Suwannarurk K PDF
Anti-inflammatory Activities of Erythrina variegata Bark Ethanolic Extract 166
Thongmee P, Itharat A PDF
Prediction of Blastocyst Quality from Morphokinetic Criteria 172
Chiamchanya C, Visutakul P, Jenkiengkri J PDF
A Comparative Study of Higher order Aberrations between Pterygium and Non-Pterygium Eyes 178
Kampitak K, Leelawongtawun W, Leeamornsiri S, Suphachearaphan W, Thitiwichienlert S PDF
A Study of Corneal Endothelial Cells Related to Duration in Diabetes 182
Leelawongtawun W, Surakiatchanukul B, Kampitak K, Leelawongtawun R PDF
The Possibility of Developing Screening Criteria for Patients Suspected Multiple Myeloma (MM) at Thammasat University Hospital 189
Kanitsap N, Umpunthongsiri S PDF
Metabolic Syndrome in Thai Women Previously Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes 195
Ruksasakul R, Tharavanij T, Sritipsukho P PDF
Antibacterial Activity of Thai Medicinal Plant Extracts Against Microorganism Isolated from Post-Weaning Diarrhea in Piglets 203
Ketpanyapong W, Itharat A PDF
Cytotoxic and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Medicinal Plants and Women’s Health Remedy Found in “Mahachotarat Scripture” of Thai Traditional Medicine 211
Jaiaree N, Itharat A, Ruangnoo S PDF
Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) Prevents Cognitive Deficit by Maintaining CA2/3 VGLUT1 Density of Sub-Chronic Phencyclidine Rat Model of Schizophrenia in Normal Level 222
Piyabhan P, Wetchateng T PDF
Health Services Provided at the Primary Care Network of the Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University 230
Buranatrevedh S, Palangrit S, Tiyoa N, Vatcharavongvan P, Triamvichanont R PDF
Economic Burden of Hospitalization with Acute Wheezing in Preschool Children: A Multi-Center Study 239
Sritipsukho P, Matchimmadamrong K, Chinratanapisit S, Deerojanawong J PDF
Erythropoietin Administration Promotes Expression of VEGF in Renal Ischemic–Reperfusion Injury in Rat Model 246
Kongkham S, Sriwong S, Tasanarong A PDF
Neuroprotective Effect of Perilla Extracts on PC12 Cells 256
Senavong P, Kongkham S, Saelim S, Suangkavathin V PDF
MDI with DIY Spacer versus Nebulizer for Bronchodilator Therapy in Children Admitted with Asthmatic Attack 265
Leelathipkul L, Tanticharoenwiwat P, Ithiawatchakul J, Prommin D, Sirisalee P, Junhunee P, Poachanukoon O PDF
A Study of the Relationship between Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Positive Dipstick Urinalysis in Postmenopausal Women 275
Wanichsetakul P, Lekskulchai O, Mairiang K PDF

Case Report

Co-Existing Ovarian Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma with Mature Cystic Teratoma: A Rare Case Report† 281
Suwannarurk K, Thaweekul Y, Mairaing K, Poomtavorn Y, Piyawong W, Himakhun W, Bhamarapravatana K PDF