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Original Article

Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in Women Screened by Glucose Challenge Test (GCT) at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital 1141
Chanprapaph P, Sutjarit C PDF
Immediate Complications of Laparoscopic Tubal Sterilization: 11 Years of Experience 1147
Chaovisitsaree S, Piyamongkol W, Pongsatha S, Kunaviktikul C, Morakote N, Chandarawong W PDF
Comparison of Two Different Fixed Doses of Follitropin-β in Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation: A Prospective Randomized, Double Blind Clinical Trial 1151
Pruksananonda K, Suwajanakorn S, Sereepapong W, Virutamasen P PDF
The Efficacy of Cholesterol-lowering Action and Side Effects of Garlic Enteric Coated Tablets in Man 1156
Tanamai J, Veeramanomai S, Indrakosas N PDF
Study of Cisplatin-Vinblastine Plus Amifostine in Patients with Locally Advanced or Metastatic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer 1162
Thongprasert S, Chewaskulyong B PDF
Hiccups and Multiple Sclerosis 1168
Witoonpanich R, Pirommai B, Tunlayadechanont S PDF
Long-Term Outcome and Factors Influencing the Outcome of Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis 1172
Witoonpanich R, Dejthevaporn C, Srisinroongruang T, Subhannachart W, Attanavanich S, Boonkasem S, Thakkinstian A PDF
Differentiation of Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia by Cardiac 131I-metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) Uptake (Preliminary Report) 1176
Jindahra P, Vejjajiva A, Witoonpanich R, Sirisriro R, Sritara C, Pulkes T PDF
Early Containment of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS); Experience from Bamrasnaradura Institute, Thailand 1182
Chaovavanich A, Wongsawat J, F Dowell S, Inthong Y, Sangsajja C, Sanguanwongse N, T Martin M, Limpakarnjanarat K, Likanonsakul S, Waicharoen S, Chittaganpitch M, Thawatsupha P, Auwanit W, Sawanpanyalert P, Melgaard B PDF
Rehbein’s Procedure in 73 Cases of Hirschsprung’s Disease 1188
Thepcharoennirund S PDF
Noninvasive Transcutaneous Bilirubin as a Screening Test to Identify the Need for Serum Bilirubin Assessment 1193
Sanpavat S, Nuchprayoon I PDF
Clinical Abnormalities, Intervention Program, and School Attendance of Down Syndrome Children in Southern Thailand 1199
Jaruratanasirikul S, Soponthammarak S, Chanvitan P, Limprasert P, Sriplung H, Leelasamran W, Winothai S PDF
Hemifacial Spasm: Results of Treatment with Low Dose Botulinum Toxin Injection 1205
Suputtitada A, Phanthumchinda K, Locharernkul C, C Suwanwela N PDF
Anatomical Study of the Maxillary Artery at the Pterygomaxillary Fissure in a Thai Population: Its Relationship to Maxillary Osteotomy 1212
Apinhasmit W, Methathrathip D, Ploytubtim S, Chompoopong S, Ariyawatkul T, Lertsirithong A PDF
Evaluation of Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay and Indirect Hemagglutination Assay for Detection of Leptospiral Antibody by Using Three Different Antigens 1218
Nakarin J, Pradutkanchana S PDF
Balance Disorders in the Elderly and the Benefit of Balance Exercise 1225
Prasansuk S, Siriyananda C, Na Nakorn A, Atipas S, Chongvisal S PDF
An Experience with Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway for Difficult Airway Management: Report on 38 Cases 1234
Thienthong S, Horatanarung D, Wongswadiwat M, Boonmak P, Chinachoti T, Simajareuk S PDF

Case Report

Bilateral Extraordinary Huge, Multi-compartmental Tuberculous Abscesses: A Case Report 1239
Prasartritha T, Jaovisidha S PDF
Spinal Cord Compression and Bilateral Sensory Neural Hearing Loss: An Unusual Manifestation of Neurocysticercosis 1244
Jarupant W, Sithinamsuwan P, Udommongkol C, Reuarrom K, Nidhinandana S, Suwantamee J PDF

Special Article

The Use of Clinical Practice Guideline on Hyperbilirubinemia: Rule or Guideline 1250
Sanpavat S PDF

Medical Ethics

Medical Research Ethics in Thailand: What Should Be the Most Appropriate Approach? An Analysis Based on Western Ethical Principles 1253
Lertsithichai P PDF
Medical Ethics: On Air 1262
Phaosavasdi S, Uerpairojkit B, Thamkhantho M, Prugsapong C, Karnjanapitak A PDF