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Original Article

Speech Correction for Children with Cleft Lip and Palate in Community: Kantharawichai Networking 1
Sritacha P, Pumnum T, Prathanee B PDF
Prevalence of Oral Reading Problems in Thai Students with Cleft Palate, Grades 3-5 9
Ingkapak P, Prathanee B PDF
Oral Reading Problems in Students with Cleft Palate, Grades 6-8 15
Chokbundit N, Pratahnee B PDF
Caregivers’ Role in Caring for Children with Cleft Lip-Palate in Mobile Speech Camp 21
Thohinung U, Prathanee B PDF
Caregivers’ Feedback after Enrollment in the Community-Based Speech Therapy Model 29
Mitkitti R, Prathanee B PDF
Effectiveness of Networking of Khon Kaen University Community-Based Speech Model: Quality of Life 36
Pradubwong S, Prathanee B, Patjanasoontorn N PDF
Evidence-Triggers for Care of Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate in Srinagarind Hospital: The Tawanchai Center and Out-Patients Surgical Room 43
Pradubwong S, Surit P, Pongpagatip S, Pethcharat T, Chowchuen B PDF
Evidence-Triggers for Care of Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate at Srinagarind Hospital: Antenatal Care Unit 51
Wongkham J, Pradubwong S, Chatvised P, Ratanasiri T PDF
Evidence-Triggered for Care of Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate in Srinagarind Hospital: Operating Room 58
Sroyhin W, Thiamwisai L, Surit P, Chowchuen B PDF
Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography without and with Hybrid Computed Tomography in Mandibular Condylar Hyperplasia 65
Theerakulpisut D, Somboonporn C, Wongsurawat N PDF
Treatment Modalities and Outcomes of Infantile Hemangiomas at Srinagarind Hospital 74
Techasatian L, Phukam N PDF
Ear, Nose, Throat and Craniofacial Diseases Community Services Initiative of Khon Kaen University 81
Piromchai P, Kasemsiri P, Vatanasapt P, Yimtae K, Reechaipichitkul W, Thanaviratananich S PDF
Audiologic Outcomes after Myringotomy with Pressure Equalizing Tube Insertion in Cleft Palate Children with Otitis Media with Effusion 86
Laohasiriwong S, Gromkhuntod W, Ratanaanekchai T, Thanawirattananit P PDF
Five-Year Hearing Outcomes in Children with Cleft Lip/Palate 92
Thanawirattananit P, Prathanee B PDF
Time for Eustachian Tube Function Recovery in Children with Cleft Palate after the 2-Flap Palatoplasty with Intravelarveloplasty 97
Nasomtrug T, Chowchuen B, Surakulprabha P, Ratana-anekchai T, Thanawirattananit P PDF
Study of Treatment Expense of Patients with Congenital Malformations of Craniofacial in Srinagarind Hospital between 2010 and 2014 106
Lekbunyasin O, Pattaranit R, Chantachum V, Pradubwong S, Chowchuen B PDF
Effectiveness and Safety of Radioactive Iodine Therapy in Childhood Graves’ Disease in Khon Kaen, Thailand 112
Getsuwan S, Wiromrat P, Panamonta O, Panamonta M, Paireepinas S PDF
Dental and Jaw Injuries among Muay Thai Kickboxing Athletes 120
Chatrchaiwiwatana S, Hongsawat K, Siritapetawee M, Ratanasiri A PDF
The Relationships between Asterion, the Transverse-Sigmoid Junction, the Superior Nuchal Line and the Transverse Sinus in Thai Cadavers: Surgical Relevance 127
Duangthongpon P, Thanapaisal C, Kitkhuandee A, Chaiciwamongkol K, Morthong V PDF
Prevalence of Visual Impairment among 4- to 6-years-old Children in Khon Kaen City Municipality, Thailand 132
Wongwai P, Anupongongarch P, Suwannaraj S, Asawaphureekorn S PDF
Dorsalis pedis Perforator Flap: Cadaveric Anatomical Study 137
Winaikosol K, Punyavong P, Jenwitheesuk K, Surakunprapha P, Chowchuen B PDF
Hypnosis as an Adjunct for Managing Pain in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Post Radiotherapy 141
Thuma K, Ditsataporncharoen T, Arunpongpaisal S, Siripul P PDF
Resilience Quotient among Dental Students at Clinical Level, Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University, Thailand 148
Weraarchakul W, Weraarchakul W, Thinsathid N, Chapawang C PDF
Configuration of the Ethmoidal Roof: A Radiologic Anatomical Study 155
Thanaviratananich S, Puttarak W, Kasemsiri P, Kedsomboon S PDF
Cashew Apple Juice Improves Physical Fitness and Oxidative Stress Status in the Middle-Aged and Elderly Volunteers 161
Kaewbutra S, Wattanathorn J, Thukham-mee W, Muchimapura S, Tong-Un T PDF

Case Report

Rapidly developed Secondary Cutaneous Squamous cell Carcinoma after Post-Surgical Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer 173
Winaikosol K, Surakunprapha P PDF
Iliac Artery Aneurysms in Menkes Disease: A Case Report 177
Wichajarn K, Munkong W PDF
An Anatomical Study of Vascular Supply of the Distally Based Sural Artery Flap: A Cadaveric Study 182
Punyavong P, Winaikosol K, Jenwitheesuk K, Surakunprapha P, Chowchuen B PDF

Special Article

Birth Prevalence of Chromosome 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome: A Systematic Review of Population-Based Studies 187
Panamonta V, Wichajarn K, Chaikitpinyo A, Panamonta M, Pradubwong S, Chowchuen B PDF
Assessment of Chromosome 22q11.2 Deletion in Patients with Isolated Cleft Palate: A Systematic Review of Prospective Studies 194
Panamonta V, Wichajarn K, Wongswadiwat Y, Panamonta M, Pradubwong S, Chowchuen B PDF