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Original Article

Comparison of the Quality of Life between Users and Non-Users of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Thai Women with Menopause-Related Symptoms Aged 45 Years Old and Above 621
Silpakit M, Boonyanurak P PDF
Analysis of 332 Mediastinal Masses in Thailand: Histopathology and Predictive Factors for Lymphoma 630
Owattanapanich W, Lamool R, Pongpruttipan T, Ruchutrakool T PDF
Comparison of Moisturizer Containing 5% Urea, Natural Moisturizing Factors, Ceramide, and Glyceryl Glucoside with 5% Urea Lotion for the Treatment of Xerosis in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease 638
Wananukul S, Chatproedprai S, Tempark T, Srisod C, Deekajorndech T PDF
How to Approach into Dorsal Root Entry Zone of Brachial Plexus: Thai People Cadaveric Study 644
Mahathipvithee P, Saitongdee P, Borsu H, Satapornteera P, Saetia K PDF
Subjective Visual Vertical in Post Total Stapedectomy with Tailored-Made Polyethylene Strut 649
Sattaratpaijit N, Limviriyakul S, Thongyai K, Chongvisal S, Prakairungthong S PDF
Utility of Intraoperative Radioguided Hand-Held Gamma Probe to Detect Hyperplastic Parathyroid Glands in Renal-Induced Hyperparathyroidism Patients 654
Apipan P PDF
Efficacy of Fluoroscopic Screen Capture Images in Evaluation of Abnormality during Voiding Cystourethrography in Pediatric Population 662
Iemsawatdikul K, Neungton P, Pacharn P, Sudla C, Kraklangchon A, Thamnumsook K, Wannurak P, Thrisoontron Y PDF
Effectiveness of Family Therapy Based on the Satir Model in Family of Patients with Schizophrenia 670
Piyavhatkul N, Arunpongpaisal S, Patjanasoontorn N, Rongbutsri S, Maneeganondh S, Pimpanit W PDF
Haplotype Analysis of Genetic Polymorphism in Antisocial Alcoholism 679
Kongsakon R, Sathirapongsasuti N, Rerkamnuaychoke B PDF
Telegraphic Medicine Systems Improve Medical Diagnosis in Pre-Hospital Settings: A Pilot Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital 686
Chinprasatsak S, Satthapong S, Kotruchin P, Maporn K PDF
Factors Affecting the Rural Retention of Medical Graduates in Lower Northern Thailand 692
Seangrung R, Chuangchum P PDF

Case Report

The Appearance of the Band of Hemoglobin H in a Patient of Hemoglobin H Disease and the Activity of Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Case Report 702
Sripavatakul K, Insiripong S PDF
Thymoma with Granulomatous Myositis, Pure Red Cell Aplasia, and Hepatosplenomegaly: A Case Report and Review Literature 706
Korphaisarn K, Apibunyopas T, Hantaweepant C, Sangruchi T, Srinonprasert V, Chiowchanwisawakit P PDF
The L5 Vertebrectomy Approach for the Treatment of Spondyloptosis with Reduction of L4 onto S1: Case Report 711
Pruttikul P, Visetchaisee N, Kunakornsawat S PDF

Special Article

Health Insurance for Undocumented Migrants: A Literature Review in Developed Countries 716
Wanwong Y, Nipaporn S, Nopparattayaporn P, Poungkanta W, Putthasri W, Suphanchaimat R PDF