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Original Article

Accelerated Villous Maturation of Placentas in Spontaneous Preterm Birth 1145
Sakdapreecha L, Koonmee S, Triamwittayanon T, Kietpeerakool C, Kleebkaow P PDF
Correlations between Routine Urinalysis and Cystoscopy for the Diagnosis of Urinary Bladder Invasion in Patients with Cervical Cancers 1150
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Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Parturients with or without Amniotomy for Augmentation of Labor 1156
Thirawat S, Kovavisarach E PDF
The Prevalence of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) Colonization in Pregnant Women 1162
Khamching C, Boonthum A, Srisupundit K PDF
Associated factors correlate with disability in long-standing systemic sclerosis patients 1167
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Effects of Plasma Lipids and Abdominal Obesity on Heart Rate Variability in Thai Overweight Dyslipidemic Individuals at Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand 1174
Phoemsapthawee J, Ladawan S, Settasatian N, Leelayuwat N PDF
Optimal QT Interval Correction Method in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation 1184
Methavigul K, Methavigul R PDF
Effects of Influenza Vaccine in Children with Moderate to Severe Allergic Rhinitis 1189
Jaiwong C, Siripipattanamongkol N, Ngamphaiboon J PDF
Neuropsychiatric Manifestations in Pediatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 1196
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Functional Outcome Following Reconstruction with the Thai Modular Proximal Humeral Endoprosthesis 1202
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Reliability of Diagnosis of Acetabular Fracture from Radiographic Films Using Systematic Guidelines: A Sawbones Study 1210
Plumarom Y, Purksamatanun P, Phruetthiphat O, Sawatdeepong A, Chanpradap W PDF
Efficacy of Preoperative Posterior Sub-Tenon Injection of Triamcinolone Acetate to Control Postoperative Cataract Surgery Inflammation in Noninfectious Uveitis Patients 1217
Suleesathira B, Keorochana N, Choontanom R PDF
Radiologic Features of Blast Injuries from 2015 Bangkok Bombing 1224
Yuenyongsinchai K, Tongbai T, Chaitusaney T, Tanpowpong N, Numkarunarunrote N, Trinavarat P PDF
Factors Associated with Length of Stay of Non-Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department: A Cross-Sectional Study in Thai Healthcare Setting 1232
Aphinives (Jiamprasert) V, Hurst C, Sriprajittichai P PDF

Case Report

Fundus albipunctatus: A Case Report in Thailand and a Review of the Literature 1241
Ruangvaravate N, Thuangtong A, Chanvarapha N PDF


Luenam S PDF