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Original Article

Comparison between Forced Air and Intravenous Fluid Warmer in Gynecologic Laparoscopic Surgery: A Randomized Trial 1005-8
Boayam W, Vichitvejpaisal P, Suton P, Tapala S PDF
Occurrence of P392L Mutation in Ethnic Thai with Chinese Descent Paget’s Disease 1009-13
Sirikulchayanonta V, Tantiwetrueangdet A PDF
Clinicoradiological and Genetic Analyses of Three Thai Families with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia in Ramathibodi Hospital 1015-24
Singhara Na Ayudhaya S, Tim-Aroon T, Khongkhatithum C, Wattanasirichaigoon D, Chanthanaphak E, Kobkitsuksakul C, Somboonnithiphol K PDF
The Prevalence of Abnormal Cerebro-Placental Doppler Indices Ratio [CPR] in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy 1025-9
Sukphadung K, Petchud A, Prommas S, Smanchat B PDF
Prevalence and Correlates of Anal Incontinence among Urogynecologic Patients 1031-5
Wattanayingcharoenchai R, Manonai J, Vallibhakara SA, Aimjirakul K PDF
Optimal Dose of Protamine for Heparin Reversal in Patients Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery 1037-41
Yongyukantorn K, Rujirojindakul P, Karnjanawanichkul O PDF
Prognostic Indicators for Heart Failure Hospitalization in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients: An Observational Study under the Influenza Vaccination Trial 1043-9
Sribhutorn A, Phrommintikul A, Wongcharoen W, Chaikledkaew U, Eakanunkul S, Patumanond J, Sukonthasarn A PDF
Factors Associated with Colistin-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Acquisition among Hospitalized Patients 1051-4
Pantuwadeethorn P, Leelaporn A, Koomanachai P PDF
Prevalence of T3 Toxicosis in Thai Patients with Thyrotoxicosis 1055-9
Panchavinnin P, Preechasuk L, Kunavisarut T PDF
The Normal P100 and P2 Latency of Visual Evoked Potentials among Thai Adults 1061-3
Preeyawanich W, Phongamwong C PDF
Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Homeless Population in Bangkok, Thailand 1065-71
Awirutworakul T, Pitukthanin A, Chiangchaisakulthai K, Anukul C, Vallibhakara SA PDF
Reintubation in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit [PACU] from the First 2,000 Incidents: Perioperative and Anesthetic Adverse Events in Thailand [PAAd Thai] Study 1073-8
Tanyong A, Ratanachai P, Charuluxananan S, Atichat S, Agprudyakul S, Somchat C, Tanutanud D, Chongarunngamsang W, Boonsararuxsapong K PDF
Factors Influencing Civil Servants Medical Benefit Scheme Revenues at Ramathibodi Hospital, Fiscal Year 2016 to 2017 1079-83
Udomsubpayakul U, Kongsakon R, Pattanaprateep O PDF
Utilization of Immunization Service and Predictors among Under 3-Year-Old Children in Urban Slums of Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay, Myanmar 1085-92
Lae Lae W, Jayasvasti I, Mongkolchati A, Jayasvasti M PDF
Incidence of Firework-Related Hand Injuries in Pediatrics and Cost of Treatment 1093-6
Chusing N, Sangkomkamhang T PDF
The Effect of Self e-Learning before “Low Back Pain” Lecture Using Pre- and Posttest Examination Scores among Medical Students 1097-101
Keorochana G, Keorochana N, Tawonsawatruk T, Woratanarat P PDF
Success Rate of Paper Patch Myringoplasty in Patients with Tympanic Membrane Perforation: A Retrospective Analytics Study of 110 Cases 1103-7
Chowsilpa S, Hanprasertpong C, Kaewsiri S, Kangsanarak J PDF
Long-Term Clinical and Histological Evaluation of PoreSkin: A Human Acellular Dermal Matrix in Burn Scars, a Descriptive Clinical Study 1109-14
Angspatt A, Thongchompu A, Bunaprasert T, Thanakit V PDF
Outcomes of Clinical Practice Guideline for Sepsis Patients in Taksin Hospital 1115-20
Jirajariyavej S, So-Ngern A, Tantawichien T, Soomhirun R PDF
Complications of Epilepsy Surgery: Prasat Neurological Institute Experiences 1121-6
Srikijvilaikul T PDF
Safety of Patients with Conventional Pacemaker System and MRI-Conditional Pacemaker System Undergo Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI] at Ramathibodi Hospital 1127-32
Anannab A, Ngarmukos T, Apiyasawat S PDF

Case Report

Minimal Invasive Posterior Cervical Laminoforaminotomy for Treatment of Degenerative Cervical Radiculopathy: A Technical Report and Review of the Literatures 1133-7
Singhatanadgige W, Tanavalee C, Yingsakmongkol W, Limthongkul W PDF
Successful Treatment of Lethal Cyanide Ingestion by Sodium Thiosulfate Alone: Case Report 1139-42
Jiranantakan T, Chomchai S, Tummarintra P PDF

Medical Illustration

Which First Aid Treatment Is Appropriate for a Bizarre Skin Lesion and Cardiovascular Collapse after Swimming in the Sea? 1143-4
Thaikruea L, Leelarasamee A PDF