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Original Article

Treatment Outcome of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Patients with Lung Tumors: A Retrospective Study at Chulabhorn Hospital 1
Trirussapanich P, Pattaranutraporn P, Chotchutipan T, Nantajit D, Sricharoen R, Rojwatkarnjana S, Laebua K, Chamchod S PDF
Survival Benefit of Single Fecal Immunochemical Test as Initial Screening for Colorectal Cancer in Two Districts in Roi Et Province, Thailand 7
Eamratsameekool W, Tangpaisan P, Phakdeesamai P, Pensuwan P, Pooniab C, Kovitangkun K, Ungtrakul T, Siripongpreeda B PDF
Association of Cigarette Smoking and Metabolic Syndrome among Heavy Smokers in Thailand 13
Luengingkasoot S, Triphuridet N, Chuenkhaly N, Krongthong W, Opad N, Cheunchom K, Srikun W, Roekkasame S PDF
A Pilot Study of Anal Cytology and Anal Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infection in Women with High-risk Cervical HPV Infection 21
Kantathavorn N, Chatchotikawong U, Sritana N, Sricharunrat T, Krisorakun W, Vanichtantikul A, Teerayathanakul N, Saeloo S, Krongthong W, Udomchaiprasertkul W PDF
Protein Profiling as a Useful Diagnostic Tool to Classify Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia of Different Cytogenetic Abnormalities 29
Sritana N, Srisomsap C, Chokchaichamnankit D, Svasti J, Promsuwicha O, Auewarakul C PDF
Ultrasonography Detection of Liver Lesions: A Pilot Comparison Study between Radiologists and Sonographers 37
Tangruangkiat S, Phonlakrai M, Ritlumlert N, Siripongsakun S, Vidhyarkorn S, Thitisitthikorn W PDF
Estimation of CTV to PTV Margins in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Using On-Board Imager [OBI] 43
Thongsawad S, Masa-nga W, Suntiwong S, Dachaworakol K, Khamfongkhruea C, Chamchod S, Tannanonta C PDF
Visualization Development of Health Data Reporting with Business Intelligence Techniques 49
Homsuwan P, Soonklang K, Pongpun W, Saeloo S, Roekkasame S, Ungtrakul T, Siripongpreeda B, Kantathavorn N, Triphuridet N, Wittayasak K PDF
Frequent lntronic lnsertion of ABL Gene Detected in Thai Chronic Myeloid Leukemia [CML] Patients Carrying Both e13a2 and e14a2 Variants 55
Wiriyaukaradecha K, Bunyoo C, Udomchaiprasertkul W, Soonklang K, Sritana N, Auewarakul C PDF
Survival Rate and Effect of Clinicopathological Characteristics on Survival of Rectal Cancer in Thailand 63
Pensuwan P, Sangsa N, Tomuen C, Wachirametharuch C, Kovitangkoon K, Putthanachote N, Sarakran P PDF
DNA Methylation Assessment in Cervical Cancer Specimens 69
Udomchaiprasertkul W, Kantathavorn N, Sricharunrat T, Laebua K, Trirussapanich P, Bunyoo C, Wiriyaukaradecha K, Sritana N, Chamchod S, Auewarakul C PDF
The Comparison of Human Papillomavirus Knowledge by General Characteristics in Vaccinated Thai Women 75
Saeloo S, Taepisitpong C, Kantathavorn N, Rawangban S, Kwangkaew S, Krongthong W PDF
Relationship between Body Mass Index and Colorectal Adenoma in Thai Population Participating in Colorectal Cancer Screening Project at Chulabhorn Hospital 81
Soonklang K, Siripongpreeda B, Sattayarungsee P, Wittayasak K PDF
Assessment of Inter-fraction Target Motion using On-board Imaging System for Prostate Cancer 87
Masa-Nga W, Tannanonta C, Khamfongkhruea C, Thongsawad S, Laebua K, Apiwarodom N PDF
Retrospective Karyotype Analysis of 12,261 Cases with Hematological Malignancy 93
Phuwasanpetch P, Sinthuwiwat T, Yimnoon J, Auewarakul C, Herabutya P PDF
Efficacy of Trastuzumab in HERZ-Positive Early Breast Cancer in Thai Patients: A Single Institution Experience 101
Patanayindee P, Soonklang K, Ungtrakul T PDF
Potential New Urinary Biomarkers for Cervical Cancer Screening Using SELDT-TOF Mass Spectrometry 107
Sritana N, Kantathavorn N, Paricharttanakul N, Wiriyaukaradecha K, Chokchaichamnankit D, Srisomsap C, Udomchaiprasertkul W, Sricharunrat T, Auewarakul C, Svasti J PDF
The Study of Mismatch Repair [MMR] Genes and Clinicopathological Risk Factors in Treatment of Stage-II Colon Cancer: Preliminary Report of 2-Year Follow-up at Chulabhorn Hospital 113
Chaiwiriyawong W, Sricharunrat T, Udomchaiprasertkul W, Rukrung C, Ratreewijit W, Suntharayuth T, Khanpaeng P, Chinswangwatanakul V, Phanthunane C, Ungtrakul T, Lamlertthon W, Siripongpreeda B PDF
Comparison of Targeting Accuracy for Treatment Localization with Different CT Images of Moving Target in Thorax Region 119
Sirichai R, Ngamching B, Khamfongkhruea C, Rojwatkarnjana S, Nantajit D, Tannanonta C PDF
Clinical Factors Associated with a Positive Immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood Test and Negative Colonoscopic Findings 125
Wittayasak K, Siripongpreeda B, Sattayarungsee P, Soonklang K, Krohkaew K, Suebwongdit C, Panaiem S, Srikun W, Rittisupatum N PDF
Frequency of EGFR Mutations among Thai Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer [NSCLC] Patients 131
Wiriyaukaradecha K, Bunyoo C, Udomchaiprasertkul W, Sricharunrat T, Petchjorm S, Lamlertthon W, Sritana N PDF
Human Papilloma Virus [HPV] and Body Mass Index [BMI] in 4,487 Thai Women under Cervical Screening Program 137
Chatchotikawong U, Kantathavorn N, Sricharunrat T, Sritana N, Taepisitpong C, Saeloo S, Krongthong W, Teerayathanakul N, Krisorakun W, Srisuttayasathien M PDF
Deep Regional Hyperthermia Treatment Using Thermotron-RF8: An Initial Experience at Chulabhorn Hospital 143
Rojwatkarnjana S, Pattaranutraporn P, Chotchutipan T, Nanthong R, Nantajit D, Trirussapanich P, Laebua K, Chamchod S PDF
Factors Influencing Venous Pain in Patients with Cancer Receiving Gemcitabine 151
Sriwisai R, Munpichai J, Sajai K, Intarabut N, Prangjan T, Udta P, Phanyasuk N, Preechakoon B, Chuwongin D, Vichitvejpaisal P PDF
Prevalence of JAK2V617F Mutation in 1,247 Thai Patients with Suspected Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 157
Bunyoo C, Wiriyaukaradecha K, Sritana N, Udomchaiprasertkul W, Tantirukdham N, Tongsom J, Auewarakul C PDF
Clinical Outcomes of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in Patients with Liver Tumor: A Single Institution Study 165
Chotchutipan T, Nantajit D, Trirussapanich P, Rojwatkarnjana S, Pattaranutraporn P, Laebua K, Chamchod S PDF
Economic Evaluation of Sorafenib Treatment of Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma at Chulabhorn Hospital 171
Sangmala P, Lamlertthon W, Siri P, Jaroenpatarapesaj S PDF

Case Report

Extraskeletal Ewing's Sarcoma of the Scapula: A Case Report and Literature Review 185
Leerunyakul K, Ungtrakul T, Teerayathanakul N, Thanindratarn P PDF
I-131-Avid Renal Metastasis from Hurthle Cell Follicular Carcinoma: A Case Report with Literature Review 189
Kunawudhi A, Vidhyarkorn S, Promteangtrong C, Chotipanich C PDF
Community-Acquired Monomicrobial Pseudomonas aeruginosa Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Case Report 193
Siripongboonsitti T PDF
Development of 18F-FLT, 11C-PiB, 18F-THK 5351, and 68Ga-PSMA at the National Cyclotron and PET Centre, Chulabhorn Royal Academy 199
Chotipanich C, Promteangtrong C, Kunawudhi A PDF