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Adverse Drug Reactions of Anti-Epileptic Drugs in Epilepsy Clinic, Srinagarind Hospital 1
Lertsinudom S, Nuntasaen T, Pranboon S, Tiamkao S PDF
Incidence of Seizure-Related Injury: Traffic Accident, Falling and Drowning in Epileptic Patients 6
Jinda J, Pranboon S, Tiamkao S PDF
Sexual Function in Thai Males with Epilepsy 12
Phunikhom K, Tiamkao S, Pranboon S, Tiamkao S PDF
Trends of Intravenous Antiepileptic Drugs Used in Patients at Srinagarind Hospital, Thailand 19
Nuntasaen T, Chainirun N, Tiamkao S, Lertsinudom S, Pranboon S PDF
Acute Toxicity and Protective Effect against Diabetic Nephropathy of the Combination Extract of Magifera indica and Polygonum odorontum in Streptozotocin-diabetic Rats 25
Wattanathorn J, Wannanon P, Thiraphatthanavong P, Thukham-mee W PDF
The Stimulation of GV20 with Laser Produces Neuroprotective and Cognitive Enhancing Effects by Improving Cholinergic Function, Oxidative Stress Status and Apoptosis in Hippocampus 36
Mahasap W, Muchimapura S, Wattanathorn J, Thukhammee W, Tong-un T PDF
Mung Bean-Derived Protein Protects Against Neurodegeneration and Memory Impairment in Animal Model of Menopause with Obesity 43
Mahasap W, Muchimapura S, Wattanathorn J, Thukhummee W, On-ong-arj P, Wannanon P PDF
Dermal Toxicity Studies of an Herbal Cream Contained Zingiber officinale Roscoe and Phyllanthus amarus Extracts in Sprague-Dawley Rats 52
Maharan S, Muchimapura S, Wattanathorn J, Thukhummee W, Thong-Un T, Wannanon P PDF
Profiling of Patients Presenting with Trigeminal Neuralgia and Outcomes of Medical Management in a Tertiary Care Center 57
Sarideechaigul W, Kitkhuandee A, Siritapetawee M, Butda P, Jorns TP PDF
Opiorphin Level in Unstimulated Whole Saliva of Burning Mouth Syndrome Patients 63
Ruangsri S, Jorns TP, Chaiyarit P PDF
Single-Dose Botulinum Toxin as Adjunctive Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Pilot Study 68
Jorns TP, Ieamsuwantada T, Puttakun P, Tiamkao S, Kitkhuandee A, Noisombut R PDF
Validity and Reliability Testing of the E-san version of the Short-form McGill Pain Questionnaire in Musculoskeletal, Neuropathic and Odontogenic Pain 75
Jorns TP, Loppanthong S, Pansaeng P, Puasiri S PDF
How to Differentiate Angiostrongylus cantonensis and Gnathostoma spinigerum as a cause of Eosinophilic Meningitis? 82
Meesing A, Peerabool C, Pitaknoppakul A, Thimachai P, Tiamkao S, Chotmongkol V, Sawanyawisuth K PDF
Factors Associated with Perioperative Complications in Geriatric Patients: Experiences from a University Hospital 86
Chau-in W, Kajadparn N, Sawanyawisuth K, Chanthawong S, Uppan K, Jitjak M PDF
Factors Which Affected Medical Professionalism in Internal Medicine Residents; Any Differences between the First and Last Year Residents 91
Pongkulkiat P, Apichatvullop T, Sawanyawisuth K PDF
The PETTLEP on Free Throw Skill in Basketball Players 94
Khongrassame M, Sawanyawisuth K, Timinkul A, Srichaphan T PDF
Is Low Dose of Rt-PA Treatment Effective in Acute Ischemic Stroke? A Comparison Study with the Standard Dose 97
Vorasoot N, Boonpayak S, Kongbunkiat K, Kasemsap N, Tiamkao S, Sawanyawisuth K PDF
Does Atrial Fibrillation Worsen Stroke Outcomes in Acute Ischemic Stroke Treated with rt-PA? 101
Vorasoot N, Khempet W, Kongbunkiat K, Kasemsap N, Tiamkao S, Sawanyawisuth K PDF
Cranial Computed Tomographic Findings in Transient Ischemic Attack Patients 105
Janpreeda S, Kasemsap N, Phuttharak W PDF
Serologic Prevalence of Syphilis in Acute Ischemic Stroke 114
Lanamtieng T, Kasemsap N, Meesing A PDF