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Original Article

Anti-Proliferation and Apoptosis Induction in Epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells by Terminalia bellirica Extract 1
Innajak S, Chulasiri M, Watanapokasin R PDF
Curcumin Protects Nigrostriatal Dopaminergic Axons and Increases BDNF Immunoreactivity in the 6-OHDA-Lesioned Striatum of Mice 5
Tripanichkul W, Jaroensuppaperch E PDF
The inhibitory effect of 13-butoxyberberine bromide on migration in breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells 12
Laomethakorn P, Jaitrong M, Samosorn S, Watanapokasin R PDF
Potential role of royal jelly and 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid as metastasis inhibitors in triple-negative breast cancer cells 17
Pengpanich S, Srisupabh D, Tanechpongtamb WU PDF
Any Undiagnosed Vesicoureteral Reflux Following the Adoption of Thai Pediatric Nephrology Association-Endorsed Clinical Practice Guideline 2014 on Urinary Tract Infection in Children Aged 2 Months – 5 Years 25
Sorapipatcharoen K, Pruangprasert P PDF
Polymorphisms of Serotonin 4 Receptor Gene Associated with Schizophrenia in Thai Ethnic 29
Thurakitwannakarn W, Panichareon B, Sukhumsirichart W PDF
Comparison of Tissue Damages after Traditional Open Decompression and Biportal Endoscopic Decompression for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis 35
Yingyong T, Jaroon J PDF
Comparison of LATCH Scores between Mothers’ Breastfeeding Teaching Done by Registered and Practical Nurses during the Immediate Postpartum Period; a Randomized Controlled Trial 41
Ketsuwan S, Baiya N, Hanprasertpong T, Suksamarnwong M, Srisuwan S, Puapornpong P PDF
Reference Intervals for Serum Cystatin C in the Second and Third Trimester of Thai Pregnant Women 46
Kitporntheranunt M, Manolertthewan W PDF
Analysis of prognostic factors and treatment outcomes for survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients: Single institute experience 50
Charonpongsuntorn C, Cheanklin P, Muntham D, Chommaitree P, Muangnoi P PDF
Prostate cancer diagnosis -What to expect in the Thai population? 58
Akarasakul D, Viriyasiripong S PDF
Recurrent rates and risk factors of febrile seizures in the subsequent illness following the first febrile seizures in Thai children 62
Maksikharin A, Prommalikit O PDF
Effect of curcumin on liver fibrosis formation in rats with chronic inflammation following diabetics 66
Pramong R, Satin K, Yang-en S, Petpiboolthai H, Anupunpisit V PDF
In Universal Newborn Hearing Screening: Knowledge of Thai Healthcare Personals 73
Sirirattawan J, Khuancharee K PDF
Different professional skill to produce platelet rich plasma may effect the clinical results 80
Reancharoen T, Sriworakun C, Chanlalit C PDF
Activation of Tyrosine hydroxylase RNA expression by water extract of Vernonia cinerea in nicotine-pretreated PC12 cells 86
Sermsuvitayawong K, Wattanachaiyingcharoen R, Kamkaen N PDF
Predicting survival in patients with malignant pleural effusion and validating LENT prognostic score 91
Petborom P, Vassara M, Muangnoi P PDF

Case Report

Acute myocardial infarction in a 19-year-old splenectomized man 96
Roongsangmanoon W, Wongsoasup A, Rattanajaruskul N, Angkananard T PDF
A case report on the probable herb-drug interaction between Stevia products and etoricoxib relating to declined kidney function 100
Tangkiatkumjai M, Janma J, Changsirikulchai S PDF
Cesarean Scar Pregnancy: A Case Report and Literature Review 105
Rodpenpear N, Laosooksathit W, Phasipol P, Promsonthi P, Raungrongmorakot K, Rangsirattanakul L PDF
Bilateral Symmetrical Congenital Trigger Thumb and Middle Finger in a 2-Year-Old Child: A Case Report 111
Vilai P, Vechmamontien S PDF
Listeria monocytogenes Bacteremia in an Immunocompetent Host 115
Chinbunchorn T, Lee B, Upapan P PDF

Review Article

Nutritional Assessment in Cirrhosis 119
Chonmaitree P, Roongsangmanoon W PDF