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Original Article

The Role of Vitamin K2 on Osteoblastic Functions by Using Stem Cell Model 1
Bunyaratavej N, Sila-asna M, Bunyaratavej A PDF
Highly Recommended Dose of MK4 for Osteoporosis 4
Bunyaratavej N, Kittimanon N, Jitivirai T, Tongthongthip B PDF
Level of Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin in Hip Fracture Thai Female Patients 7
Arunakul M, Niempoog S, Arunakul P, Bunyaratavej N PDF
Outcome of Six Millimeters Core Decompression in Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head 12
Limpaphayom N, Wilairatana V, Prasongchin P PDF
Vitamin D Status of Thai Premenopausal Women 17
Soontrapa S, Soontrapa S, Bunyaratavej N, Rojanasthien S, Kittimanon N, Lektrakul S PDF
The Prevalence of Hypovitaminosis D in the Elderly Women Living in the Rural Area of Khon Kaen Province, Thailand 21
Soontrapa S, Soontrapa S, Boonsiri P, Khampitak T PDF
Hypovitaminosis D in Thailand 26
Soontrapa S, Soontrapa S, Chailurkit L PDF
Combination of Alfacalcidol with Calcium Can Improve Quadriceps Muscle Strength in Elderly Ambulatory Thai Women Who Have Hypovitaminosis D: A Randomized Controlled Trial 30
Songpatanasilp T, Chailurkit L, Nichachotsalid A, Chantarasorn M PDF
Quantitative Ultrasound Capably Predicts Osteoporosis 42
Lektrakul S PDF
The Impacts of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Bone Markers in the Elderly Thai Women 45
Pooruk P, Kittimanon N, Janthorn P, Bunyaratavej N PDF
Using Quantitative Ultrasound and OSTA Index to Increase the Efficacy and Decrease the Cost for Diagnosis of Osteoporosis 49
Soontrapa S, Soontrapa S, Chaikitpinyo S PDF
A Survey of Osteoporosis in Thailand 54
Bunyaratavej N, Soontrapa S, Songpatanasilp T, Leerapun T PDF
Geometry of Proximal Femur in the Prediction of Femoral Neck Fracture in the Elderly Female Thai Population 60
Lektrakul N, Ratarasarn O PDF
Investigation of Sensitive Biomarkers to Determine Cadmium Inducing Hepato- and Nephro-toxicity in Cattle by Immunofluorescence Method 67
Buranasinsup S, Jangsangthong A, Toniti P PDF
Safety and Antisorptive Power of Ibandronate Applied in the Real-Life Setting 72
Bunyaratavej N, Wajanavisit W, Pauvilai P, Kitumnuoypong T, Kittimanon N, Lektrakoon S PDF
Decreasing Strength of Bone Allograft after Recovery and Preservation 76
Kayurapan A, Aresanasuwan T, Waikakul S PDF
Determination of the Apo E Genotype Using LightCyclerTM Apo E Mutation Detection Kit 81
Tirawanchai N, Somkasetrin A, Avirutakarn C, Bunyaratvej N PDF
Floor Activities and Degenerative Spinal Diseases 88
Wajanavisit W, Woratanarat P, Wattanawong T, Laohacharoensombat W PDF
A Comparison between the Cotrel-Dubousset and the Pedicle Screw-Plate Instrumentations in the Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis 95
Wajanavisit W, Woratanarat P, Thiabratana P, Woratanarat T, Laohacharoensombat W PDF
The Effects of Weight Bearing Yoga Training on the Bone Resorption Markers of the Postmenopausal Women 102
Phoosuwan M, Kritpet T, Yuktanandana P PDF
The Surgical Treatment of the Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fracture in the Elderly Patients with the Spinal Instrumentation 109
Chotigavanich C, Sanpakit S, Wantthanaapisith T, Thanapipatsiri S, Chotigavanich C PDF

Special Article

Practical Experience in Some Aspects of Bone Markers 116
Bunyaratavej N PDF