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Original Article

Effectiveness of a blood transfusion guideline in major orthopaedic surgery 1
Uedilokkunthorn K, Bormann Bv, Thanapipatsiri S PDF
Novel Morphometric Measurement Angles for Guiding Pedicular Screw and Cortical Screw Insertion in the Lumbar Spine 5
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The prognostic factors of ambulatory status in metastatic bone disease of the femur treated with intramedullary device fixation 10
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Prevalence and Risk Factors of Reinfection after Two-stage exchange procedure for Treating Periprosthetic Knee Infection 15
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Effectiveness of Home Stretching Exercise for the Treatment of Congenital Talipes Calcaneovalgus: A Randomized Controlled Trial. 20
Kaewpornsawan K, Sookwanich P, Eamsobhana P, Ariyawatkul T, Wongcharoenwatana J, Udompunturak S PDF
The Radiographic Prevalence of Cam Morphology in Thai Patients Undergoing Total Hip Replacement: A 15-Year Review 24
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Result of a minimum 5-year follow-up after Ponseti serial casting in congenital idiopathic clubfoot 30
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A Cadaveric Study on the New Carpal Tunnel Release Instrument Novel Carpel Tunnel Release Instrument: A Cadaveric Proof of Concept Study 34
Pichaisak W, Vathana T, Laohaprasitiporn P PDF
Prevalence of Radiographic Morphology of Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine in the Thai Population 38
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Relationship between the dorsal cutaneous branch of the ulnar nerve and the fifth metacarpal bone: An anatomical study 42
Suthutvoravut W, Vathana T PDF
The reliability study of the infrared position capture device: A novel technique in wrist motion measurement 46
Chockchaisakul D, Vathana T PDF
Evaluation of Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) Improvement After Selective Myofascial Release for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy 52
Eamsobhana P, Chalayon O, Luanglert T PDF
Correlation of Hand-Held Dynamometer and Isokinetic Dynamometer for Determining Quadriceps Index in Post-Operative Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction 57
Wongcharoenwatana J, Lertwanich P PDF
Operative Results of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Correction Using Low-Density Instrumentation with 5-Year Follow-up 62
Chotigavanichaya C, Saisamorn K, Ariyawatkul T, Ruangchainikom M, Luksanapruksa P, Wilartratsami S, Chotivichit A, Thanapipatsiri S PDF
Fusion rate in Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF) using different bone grafting materials: A retrospective study 68
Nookleang C, Sutipornpalangkul W PDF
Incidence of complications associated with reconditioned halo-vest immobilization at Siriraj Hospital – Thailand’s largest national tertiary referral center 73
Chavasiri C, Chotivichit A, Wilartratsami S, Ruangchainikom M, Korwutthikulrangsri E, Luksanapruksa P PDF
Demographic and clinical profiles of traumatic spinal injury patients at the Siriraj Spinal Unit – Southeast Asia’s first dedicated spinal injury center 79
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Deformity progression in non-tuberculous spinal infection 86
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Results of treatment of herniated nucleus pulposus with microdiscectomy 91
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Case Report

Femoral neck stress fracture in marathon runners: A case report 95
Yusuwan K, Chareancholvanich K PDF