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Original Article

Improvement in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Super Morbidly Obese Patients After Bariatric Surgery 725-8
Chierakul N, Thangdechahirun P, Taweerutchana V, Kodchalai A, Panuchawan T, Mamanee K PDF
Predicting Fluid Responsiveness Using Change in Pulse Pressure Variation and Stroke Volume Variation after Tidal Volume Challenge in Postoperative Patients Receiving Lung Protective Ventilation 729-35
Kunakorn P, Morakul S, Petnak T, Singhatas P, Pisitsak C PDF
Long-Term Impact of Adenotonsillectomy on Quality of Life in Thai Children with Sleep-Disordered Breathing 736-40
Banhiran W, Tanphaichitr A, Ungkanont K, Chongkolwatana C, Udomittipong K, Limprayoon K, Vathanophas V PDF
Detection of α-Thalassemia of Southeast Asian (--SEA) Deletion by Novel Multiplex PCR 741-7
Piyamongkol W, Upanan S, Piyamongkol S, Charoenkwan P, Tongsong T PDF
Risk Score for Prediction of Preterm Labor Inhibition Failure 748-53
Teekapakvisit P, Tansupswatdikul P PDF
Prevalence and Predictors of Glomerular Filtration Rate Decline in Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease Using RAAS Blocking Agents 754-61
Boonyakrai C, Chukaew S, Tuntayothin W PDF
A Comprehensive Comparison of Guy’s Stone Score, CROES Nomogram, S.T.O.N.E. Nephrolithometry, and the Seoul Renal Stone Complexity Scoring System in Predicting Perioperative Outcomes after Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy 762-6
Ketsuwan C, Kijvikai K, Kongchareonsombat W, Sangkum P, Rongthong S, Leenanupunth C PDF
The Accuracy and Safety for C2 Transpedicular Screw Placement by Freehand Using the Anatomical Visualization Technique Under Fluoroscopy 767-76
Thanyasri T PDF
Variations of Perioperative Cardiac Surgery Blood Glucose and Glycemic Variability in Diabetes and Non-Diabetes 777-84
Sindhvananda W, Surit M PDF
Outcomes of Mycophenolate Mofetil vs. Intravenous Cyclophosphamide in Induction Therapy of Childhood- Onset Lupus Nephritis 785-90
Wisanuyotin S, Pattaragarn A, Chanakul A, Lumpaopong A, Chartapisak W PDF
Effect of High Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentrations on the Serum Total Carbon Dioxide Measurement 791-5
Kerdmongkol J, Srisawasdi P, Kumproa N, Promnuch S, Vanavanan S, Vongsakulyanon A PDF
The Relationships among Locomotive Syndrome, Depressive Symptom, and Quality of Life in Older Adults Living in Rural Areas 796-803
Boontham J, Aree-Ue S, Wongvatunyu S, Roopsawang I, Tempaiboolkul T PDF
Is There Difference of BMD between Non-Obese and Obese Children? - A Cross-Sectional Study in 194 Thai Children 804-8
Thamyongkit S, Ghunadham U, Sa-ngasoongsong P, Angsanuntsukh C, Suthutvoravut U, Woratanarat P, Mulpruek P PDF
Children Diabetes and Nutrition Clinic (CDNC) Initiative in Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Hospital 809-18
Athipongarporn A, Vallibhakara SA PDF
Comparison of Intraocular Pressure Measurement between Non-Contact and Goldmann Applanation Tonometry among Glaucoma Patients in Ratchaburi Hospital 819-23
Trakanwitthayarak S PDF
Correlation between Left Atrial Volume Index and Pulmonary Hypertension in Patient with Moderate to Severe Aortic Stenosis 824-8
Leedumrongwattanakul A, Sangmaneepimai J, Intasang K, Herwutthiwong P PDF

Review Article

Progression to and prevention of diabetes: Disparity of impaired fasting glucose and impaired glucose tolerance 829-36
Suntornlohanakul O, Rattarasarn C PDF

Special Article

Quantitative Sensory Testing and Pain Management 837-43
Niruthisard S, Pasutharnchat N PDF


Correction to: Functional Pancreatic Isolated Islets from Cryopreserved Porcine and Human Pancreatic Tissues Based on GLUT2 Receptor Sensitivity 844
Talchai SC, Rattanaamnuaychai P, Roshorm YM, Wilasrusmee C, Supsamutchai C, Jirasiritham J, Porpom N, Ongphiphadhanakul B PDF