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Original Article

Effect of Curcumin on Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression in Diabetic Mice Kidney Induced by Streptozotocin 1
Sawatpanich T, Petpiboolthai H, Punyarachun B, Anupunpisit V PDF
The Comparative Study of Depression between Gifted Children and Normal Children 9
Turakitwanakan W, Saiyudthong S, Srisurapanon S, Anurutwong A PDF
Blepharoptosis Repaired by Frontalis-orbicularis Oculi Flap: A New Technique 15
Bhiromekraibhak K PDF
A Whole Blood Lymphocyte Proliferation Assay in Healthy Thais: Comparison of Heparinized Blood and Acid Citrate Dextrose Blood 21
Chuenchitra T, Sukwit S, Chaitaveep P, Kuvanont S, Amlee P, Songprasom K, Tabprasit S, Souza MD, Srisurapanon S, Sirisopana N, Nitayaphan S PDF
Prevalence of Overweight and Besity Among School Children in Suburb Thailand Defined by the International Obesity Task Force standard 27
Rerksuppaphol S, Rerksuppaphol L PDF
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Peripheral Arterial Disease in type 2 Diabetic Patients at HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical Center 32
Chuengsamarn S, Sangpanich A, Laoopugsin N PDF
Laparoscopic Biliary Bypass with an Autologous Tubed Gastric Flap: A Pilot Study 39
Akranurakkul P, Wattanasirichaigoon S, Surakarn E PDF
Development of a Medical Expert System for the Diagnosis of Ectopic Pregnancy 43
Kitporntheranunt M, Wiriyasuttiwong W PDF
The Results of Ankle Arthrodesis with Screws for End Stage Ankle Arthrosis 50
Torudom Y PDF
Comparative Study of Two Central Corneal Thickness Measurements in Glaucoma Patients 55
Boonyaleephan S PDF
Initial Response of Endothelial Cells to Acute Stimulation with a Lipid Component: Increase Cyclooxygenase Activity by Induction of COX-2 through Activation of Tyrosine Kinase 59
Plasen D, Akarasereenont P, Techatraisak K, Chotewuttakorn S, Thaworn A PDF
Clinical Features, Management and Outcomes of high-grade glioma patients in Ramathibodi Hospital 68
Chansriwong P, Sirisinha T PDF
Predictive Factors for Residual Disease in the Uterine Cervix after Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone in Patients with Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia III 74
Hamontri S, Israngura N, Rochanawutanon M, Bullangpoti S, Tangtrakul S PDF
Accuracy of Transcutaneous Bilirubinometry Compare to Total Serum Bilirubin Measurement 81
Panburana J, Boonkasidach S, Rearkyai S PDF
Prevalence of Cirrhosis Registered in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand 87
Rattanamongkolgul S, Wongjitrat C, Puapankitcharoen P PDF
Influence of Capsicum Extract and Capsaicin on Endothelial Health 92
Chularojmontri L, Suwatronnakorn M, Wattanapitayakul SK PDF
The Prevalence of Snoring in Thai Pregnant women 102
Puapornpong P, Neruntarat C, Manolerdthewan W PDF
Psychological Problems and Overweight in Medical Students Compared to Students from Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand 106
Kongsomboon K PDF

Case Report

Middle Cerebral Artery Peak Systolic Velocity in Fetuses with Homozygous Alpha-Thalassemia-1: Case Series 114
Raungrongmorakot K, Chaemsaithong P PDF

Special Article

Drug-Induced Secondary Glaucoma 118
Boonyaleephan S PDF