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Original Article

Visits to the Emergency Department during the 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak in Thailand 1-4
Apiratwarakul K, Kongudom N, Kotruchin P, Phungoen P, Larthum K PDF
Use of Emergency Medical Services: Experience 100 Days after First Case of COVID-19 5-7
Apiratwarakul K, Songserm W, Bhudhisawasdi V, Wachirachiaranon P PDF
Airway Management with the Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) in Emergency Medical Services 8-11
Apiratwarakul K, Phanthachai K, Gaysonsiri D, Bhudhisawasdi V, Artpru R PDF
Learning Outcomes of an International Training Course on Mechanical Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device Use for Emergency Medicine Residents 12-15
Apiratwarakul K, Suzuki T, Phengsavanh A, Wangsri K PDF
Pre-Hospital Care: The New Perspective in the International Rotational Program of Emergency Medicine Residents 16-19
Apiratwarakul K, Suzuki T, Phengsavanh A, Ngaemsurach P, Bhudhisawasdi V PDF
Competency of Ultrasound Knowledge of Laos Emergency Medicine Residents during International Elective Rotation in Thailand 20-24
Ienghong K, Suzuki T, Phengsavanh A, Nasaarn T PDF
Comparative Accuracy of Ultrasound and Physical Examination Conducted by Clinical Year Medical Students in Diagnosing Ascites 25-29
Ienghong K, Nasaarn T, Bhudhisawasdi V, Kaewudornsri P PDF
First-Attempt Success Rate of Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral IV Access using a Handheld Ultrasound Machine in a Simulation Model 30-34
Ienghong K, Ussavaphark J, Mitsungnern T PDF
1st Attempt Success Rate of Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral IV Access of Emergency Medical Services Health Care Providers on the Pre-Hospital Simulation Model 35-39
Ienghong K, Sirisantisamrid P, Buranasakda M PDF
Unscheduled Revisits after Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain at Emergency Department, Mukdahan Hospital 40-43
Srisuk P, Chanthawatthanarak S, Ussahgij W, Twinprai M, Thatphet P PDF
Knowledge and Skills of Lay Participants Training with Basic Life Support Program in Case of Cardiac Arrest 44-48
Pearkao C, Tangpaisarn T, Saensom D, Ek-u J, Suebkinorn O PDF
Implementation of Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline for Treatment of Multiple Injury Patients Admitted to Emergency Department 49-53
Sumritrin S, Wunsupong S, Palaree P, Jirawatchotikan P, Techa-atik P, Tangpaisarn T PDF
POCUS Findings in Critically Ill Patients in Emergency Department 54-58
Ienghong K, Towsakul N, Bhudhisawasdi V, Srimookda N, Ratanachotmanee N, Phungoen P PDF
Risk Screening and Educating of Pharmacy Network in Khon Kaen as a Part of Stroke Fast Track Service 59-63
Lertsinudom S, Tuntapakul S, Teranuch A, Tiamkao S PDF
A Randomized, Double Blind Clinical Study to Assess the Effects of a Gamma-oryzanol-enriched Rice Bran Oil on Lipid Profile in the Hypercholesterolemic Patients 64-69
Phunikhom K, Sattayasai J, Tiamkao S, Gaysonsiri D PDF
Effect of Gamma-oryzanol-enriched Rice Bran Oil on Triglyceride Levels and TG/HDL Ratio in the Patients with Hypertriglyceridemia: Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial 70-76
Phunikhom K, Sattayasai J, Gaysonsiri D, Tiamkao S PDF
Assessing Antiepileptic Drugs in Women with Epilepsy during Pregnancy in Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University, Thailand 77-80
Chainirun N, Tiamkao S, Phunikhom K PDF
Drug Use Review of Intravenous Levetiracetam in Patients with Epilepsy, Tertiary Care Hospital 81-87
Phenpinan S, Lertsinudom S, Tiamkao S PDF
Outcome of Stroke Fast-Track Patients Arrival by Emergency Medical Services 88-93
Phongphuttha W, Tiamkao S PDF

Special Article

Tele-neurology during the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Solution for Bridging the Healthcare Gap 94-96
Taimkao S, Tiamkao S PDF
Can Stroke Network Improve Accessibility of Stroke Fast Track in North-eastern of Thailand? 97-101
Tiamkao S PDF