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Original Article

Mammographic Changes Related to Different Types of Hormonal Therapies 123
Pongsatha S, Muttarak M, Chaovisitseree S, Luewan S, Panpanit A
Placental Weight and Its Ratio to Birth Weight in Normal Pregnancy at Songkhlanagarind Hospital 130
Janthanaphan M, Kor-anantakul O, Geater A PDF
Outcome of Recurrent and Persistent Disease of Malignant Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor: A Retrospective Analysis at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital 138
Lertkhachonsuk R, Manchana T, Termrungruanglert W, Vasuratna A, Sittisomwong T, Worasethsin P, Sirisabya N, Khemapech N, Tresukosol D PDF
Differences in Socio-Economic Status, Service Utilization, and Pregnancy Outcomes between Teenage and Adult Mothers 145
Isaranurug S, Mo-suwan L, Choprapawon C PDF
A Phase II Study of Docetaxel and Carboplatin in Thai Patients with Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer 152
Thongprasert S, Soorraritchingchai S, Chewaskulyong B, Charoentum C, Munprakan S PDF
Prevalence of Osteoporosis in Thai Men 160
Pongchaiyakul C, Apinyanurag C, Soontrapa S, Soontrapa S, Pongchaiyakul C, Nguyen TV, Rajatanavin R PDF
Pioglitazone Reduces Urinary Protein and Urinary Transforming Growth Factor-β Excretion in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Overt Nephropathy 170
Katavetin P, Eiam-Ong S, Suwanwalaikorn S PDF
Clinical Manifestations of Primary Hyperthyroidism in the Elderly Patients at the Out-Patient Clinic of Srinagarind Hospital 178
Limpawattana P, Sawanyawisuth K, Mahakkanukrauha A, Wongvipaporn C PDF
The Limited Protocol MRI in Diagnosis of Lumbar Disc Herniation 182
Chawalparit O, Churojana A, Chiewvit P, Thanapipatsir S, Vamvanij V, Charnchaowanish P PDF
HRCT of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Mimics Malignancy: A Preliminary Report 190
Chawalparit O, Charoensak A, Chierakul N PDF
ADC Measurements in Various Patterns of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions 196
Phuttharak W, Galassi W, Laopaiboon V, Laopaiboon M, Hesselink JR PDF
The Validity and Reliability of the WHO Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN Thai Version): Mood Disorders Section 205
Krisanaprakornkit T, Paholpak S, Piyavhatkul N, Khiewyoo J PDF
Runaway Youths and Correlating Factors, Study in Thailand 212
Techakasem P, Kolkijkovin V PDF
Three-Dimensional Frameless Stereotactic-Guided Pedicle Screw Fixation of the Spine: Early Experiences in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital 217
Taecholarn C, Montriwiwatchai P, Tongkon T, Khaoroptham S PDF
Unplanned Intubation during Anesthesia: Review of 31 Cases from The Thai Anesthesia Incidents Study (THAI Study) 224
Chau-in W, Chinachoti T, Punjasawadi Y, Klanarong S, Taratarnkoolwatana K PDF
Effect of Systematic Psychological Preparation Using Visual Illustration Prior to Gastrointestinal Endoscopy on the Anxiety of Both Pediatric Patients and Parents 231
Riddhiputra P, Ukarapol N PDF
Integrated Criteria of Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology and Radiological Imaging for Verification of Breast Cancer in Nonpalpable Lesions 236
Sampatanukul P, Boonjunwetwat D, Thanakit V, Pak-art P PDF

Case Report

Dural Sinus Thrombosis in Melioidosis: The First Case Report 242
Niyasom S, Sithinamsuwan P, Udommongkol C, Suwantamee J PDF
Selective Transcatheter Embolization for Treatment of Post-Traumatic Hepatic Artery and Portal Vein Pseudoaneurysms 248
Laopaiboon V, Aphinives C, Pugkem A, Thummaroj J, Puttharak W, Soommart Y PDF
Incontinentia Pigmenti Achromians of Ito: An Ultrastructural Study 253
Palungwachira P, Palungwachira P PDF

Special Article

International Stem Cell Research; Networking and Collaboration 258
Kiatpongsan S, Wacharaprechanont T, Tannirandorn Y, Virutamasen P PDF

Medical Ethics

Morality and Rural Knowledge to Globalization 265
Phaosavasdi S, Taneepanichskul S, Tannirandorn Y, Uerpairojkit B, Pruksapong C, Kanjanapitak A, Phupong V PDF