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Original Article

Using Incremental High-Sensitive Cardiac Troponin T to Increase the Diagnostic Accuracy of Exercise Stress Test 169-75
Sriprasan S, Kaewkes D PDF
The Effectiveness Analysis of ‘Quit-Calendar’ Related to Current Smokers under ‘Quit-For-King’ Project (Phase II) 176-84
Chaikoolvatana A, Wongphan T, Chaikoolvatana C PDF
The Pattern of Maxillofacial Fractures in the Traumatic Brain Injury Patients in Songklanagarind Hospital: A Retrospective Study 185-90
Chansanti O, Anusitviwat Y, Mongkornwong A PDF
Risk Factors of Surgical Necrotizing Enterocolitis: A Cohort Study 191-8
Chantakhow S, Khorana J, Tepmalai K PDF
Acute Effect of Coconut Oil on Peak Forearm Blood Flow in Healthy Men: A Randomized Crossover Trial 199-206
Naothaworn K, Kulaputana O, Anomasiri W PDF
Prevalence and Association Factors of Depression and Anxiety in Head and Neck Cancer Patients 207-13
Charoenlux P, Rawangban W, Roomruangwong C, Tangjaturonrasme N PDF
The Accuracy of Intraoperative Frozen Sections in Epithelial Ovarian Tumor 214-8
Soitong K, Chansoon T, Kongsawatvorakul C PDF
Use of Delta Modified Search Out Severity (ΔM-SOS) Score for Early Detect Clinical Deterioration in Mechanically Ventilated Patients 219-24
Cheranakhorn C, Chanchaichujit T, Khunpakdee R PDF
Pulmonary Embolism: Treatment Outcomes and Prognostic Factors of Mortality in University Hospital 225-32
Inchai J, Pothirat C, Liwsrisakun C, Euathrongchit J, Tajareunmuang P, Rerkasem K PDF
Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with First-Line Anti-Tuberculosis Induced Hepatotoxicity in Suratthani Hospital, Thailand 233-9
Morasert T, Ruengchaisiwawaith T PDF
Developing a Cerebral Palsy Risk Score for Newborns 240-6
Chueluecha C, Deeprasertdamrong W, Sritipsukho P PDF
Comparative Study of Organizational Measures on Helmet Use Rate in Trang Hospital Personnel 247-51
Tangpongsirikul S PDF
Effect of Unobserved Contextual Factors on the Prevalence of New Psychoactive Substance Use in Thailand 252-9
Leyatikul P, Pinitsoontorn S, Kanato M PDF
Outcome of Cochlear Implantation in Postmeningitis Profound Sensorineural Hearing Loss at Rajavithi Hospital 260-3
Yavapolkul D PDF
Effectiveness of Asthma Self-Care Program Through Mobile Line Application (SALA) on Lung Function among Asthma Patients in Angthong Hospital: A Randomized Control Trial 264-70
Iamlaor U, Taneepanichskul S PDF
Restricted Diffusion of the Optic Nerves in Patients with Acute Optic Neuritis: A Diagnostic Accuracy Study 271-6
Tritanon O, Savangned P, Padungkiatsagul T, Vanikieti K, Poonyathalang A, Apiwattanakul M, Unwanatham N, Thadanipon K, Laothamatas J, Pulkes T, Tunlayadechanont S, Jindahra P PDF
Miniplate Suture Button Augmentation for Soft Tissue Graft Tibial Fixation in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction 277-85
Wachiratarapadorn S PDF
The Perioperative and Anesthetic Adverse Events in Thailand (PAAd Thai) Study of Anesthetic Equipment Malfunction or Failure: An Analysis of 2,206 Incident Reports 286-92
Ratanasuwan P, Sriraj W, Punjasawadwong Y, Choorat J, Charuluxananan S, Pravitharangul T PDF
Is Add-on Budesonide-Impregnated Nasal Dressing Useful Following Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with Perioperative Oral Steroid? 293-9
Taweewuthisub O, Chusakul S, Kanjanaumporn J, Aeumjaturapat S PDF
Diagnostic Accuracy of Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) in Thai Population 300-3
Ounhasuttiyanon A, Pimolsri C, Choeycheep P, Lertsilp D, Chierakul N PDF
The Feasibility of Objective Sleep-Quality Assessment in an ICU Setting 304-9
Kunwipakorn K, Chierakul N PDF
Urine Iodine Level in Iodine-Supplemented Pregnant Women: Oral Tablet versus Iodized Oil 310-5
Buppasiri P, Thinkhanrop J, Panamonta O, Siriwachirachai T, Sanukul P, Pratipanawat T, Lumbiganon P PDF
Incidence of the Apparent Active Problems of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in CKD Clinic of the Outpatient Department at Thammasat Hospital 316-9
Yoosabai A PDF

Case Report

Liver Transplantation for Hepatic Adenomatosis: The First Case Report in Thailand and Literature Review 320-25
Intaraprasong P, Kitiyakara T, Angkathunyakul N, Prapruttam D, Charoenthanakit C, Sakulchairungrueng B, Gesprasert G, Arpornsujaritkun N PDF

Review Article

Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea: The Role of Orthodontic Management - Review Article 326-36
Peanchitlertkajorn S, Jaroenying R, Chalidapongse P, Klongnoi B, Boonpratham S PDF