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Original Article

Thirty-Year Pediatric Residency Research and Publication Productivity: Association with Research Funding 337-43
Taschanchai N, Mahachoklertwattana P PDF
Effect of Midazolam on Immediate Cognitive Function during Total Intravenous Anesthesia in Elderly Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Undergoing Radiofrequency Ablation 344-8
Sombood P, Noipituk S, Aekta A, Hortrakol P, Udompunthurak S, Vichitvejpaisal P PDF
Hearing Protection Devices Use and Its Relationship with Hearing Loss among Steel Industry Workers of Samut Prakan Province, Thailand 349-58
Kerdonfag P, Wadwongtham W, Taneepanichskul S PDF
Validity and Reliability of the Thai Version of International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire-Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms-Long Form (ICIQ-MLUTS-LF) 359-63
Pinyoboon P, Kanjanatarayon S, Muangsamai P PDF
Cycloplegic Refraction in Myopic Children with Brown Irises: Time of Maximum Cycloplegia and Difference between Retinoscopy and Autorefraction 364-9
Pukrushpan P, Kaewpradit K, Honglertnapakul W PDF
An Observational Study on Effect of High Human Milk Intake on Oxidative Status of VLBW Infants 370-4
Kositamongkol S PDF
The Differences of Pain Receptor and Pain-Related Neurotransmitters in the Vagina of Pre- and Post- Menopausal Women 375-82
Kiettisanpipop P, Panyakhamlerd K, Taweepolcharoen C, Bongsebandhu-phubhakdi S, Triratanachat S, Chaikittisilpa S, Jaisamrarn U, Suwan A, Taechakraichana N PDF
Accuracy of Interpretation of Fungi by Direct Microscopy using Chlorazol Black E versus Gold Standard Potassium Hydroxide 383-7
Matthapan L, Leeyaphan C, Limphoka P, Lertrujiwanit K, Prasong W, Bunyaratavej S PDF
Factors Facilitating the Success of Fast Endotracheal Extubation after Cardiac Surgery 388-95
Lertkovit S, Seehanoo J, Tipyotha S, Supapueng O, Vichitvejpaisal P PDF
Association between Hepatic Steatosis and Fibrosis in Chronic Viral Hepatitis B and C Patients 396-401
Numpol T, Kularbkaew C, Suttichaimongkol T, Sa-ngiamwibool P PDF
Extension of Marriage Benefit to Long-Distance Relationship: Comparative Evidence from East Asia 402-9
Puranachaikere T, Sahebi B, Aiello CM, Kumaria S, Sher TG PDF
Factors Predicting Adequate Glycemic Control after Participation in Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Program: The Role of Behavioral Change 410-7
Areevut C, Reutrakul S, Saibuathong N PDF
The Assessment of Reliability and Validity of Utrecht Gender Dysphoria Scale-Thai Version as a Screening Tool for Gender Dysphoria in Thai Transgender Women 418-25
Mattawanon N, Traisathit P, Oon-arom A, Manojai N PDF
Effectiveness of Gabapentin Compared to Acetaminophen for Pain Control in Postpartum Patients Following Vaginal Delivery in Phramongkutklao Hospital 426-31
Thaebanpakul C, Jarruwale P PDF
The Association between Bone Mineral Density and Complete Blood Count in Postmenopausal Women: A Cross-Sectional Study 432-7
Leeyaphan J, Peerakul Y, Sittibusaya C PDF
Factors Associated with Moderate to Severe Pain in Post- Anesthesia Care Unit after Tonsillectomy: A Retrospective Study 438-44
Kitisin N, Chumpathong S, Raykateeraroj N, Praserdvigai P, Tareerath M PDF
Polysomnographic Outcomes Before and After Skeletal Surgeries for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea 445-52
Khamproh K, Banhiran W, Chotinaiwattarakul W, Keskool P, Rungmanee S, Wongvilairat S PDF
Preclinical Medical Student Perspectives on Nonforensic Autopsy Presentations as Instruments for Understanding Basic Medical Sciences: A Small-Scale Study at an International College of Medicine in Thailand 453-9
Laohawetwanit T PDF
A Pilot Study of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) Cannabis Extract for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Spasticity Treatment in Thailand 460-5
Aungsumart S, Pongsuthimanus N, Apiwattanakul M PDF
Fall Prevention Literacy among Thai Elderly: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Municipal Community Context 466-74
Wontaisong N, Kuhirunyaratn P, Nualnetr N, Nonjui P PDF
The Feasibility Study of C1 Posterior Arch Crossing Screw Fixation in Adult Thai Population: A Computed Tomographic Morphometric Analysis Study 475-81
Rajinda P, Silawatshananai P, Rakwong J PDF
Effects of Pharmaceutical Pictograms on Medication Adherence in Elderly Patients with Chronic Diseases at Primary Health Care Center in Hat Yai, Songkhla 482-8
Rungsriwattana V, Ngamchaliew P, Buathong N PDF
Patient Care Guidelines of Ophthalmic Injuries During COVID-19: A Systematic Review 489-96
Kongwattananon W, Susantitaphong P, Tulvatana W PDF
Incidence and Outcomes of Sepsis-Related Cardiomyopathy: A Prospective Cohort Study 497-505
Chayakul W, Tongyoo S, Permpikul C PDF

Case Report

Left Stellate Ganglion Block for Refractory Ventricular Tachycardia: A Case Series 506-11
Ziboonyahgoon N, Gonzalez-Sotomayor J, Atisook R PDF


Correction to: Causes and Course of Falls Resulting in Hip Fracture among Elderly Thai Patients 512
Muangpaisan W, Suwanpatoomlerd S, Srinonprasert V, Sutipornpalangkul W, Wongprikron A, Assantachai P PDF
Correction to: Incidence and Risk Factors of Acute Delirium in Older Patients with Hip Fracture in Siriraj Hospital 513
Muangpaisan W, Wongprikron A, Srinonprasert V, Suwanpatoomlerd S, Sutipornpalangkul W, Assantachai P PDF