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Original Article

Safety and Clinical Outcome After Carpal Tunnel Release by A Special Instrument 168-73
Pichaisak W, Vathana T, Pornrattanamaneewong C, Pradhan N, Chotiyarnwong P PDF
In Vitro Study of Synergistic Activities of Phyllanthus emblica L. Leaves and Garcinia mangostana L. Peels Crude Extracts to Cutibacterium acnes 174-9
Asavaphark P, Taweechotipatr M, Kamanamool N, Rojhirunsakool S, Khunkhet S, Udompataikul M PDF
Development and Validation of a Delirium Prediction Model for Elderly Patients (DEEP) 180-7
Lertvipapath P, Chandranipapongse W, Niyomnaitham S, Jutasompakorn P, Srinonprasert V, Wongviriyawong T, Chatsiricharoenkul S PDF
Prevalence of Phimosis, Benefit of Manual Foreskin Retraction, and Parent’s Perception about Phimosis in Thai Kindergarten and Primary School Aged Boys 188-93
Sungwalprakaisang W, Swatesutipun V, Tangpaitoon T PDF
Improvement of Shunt Detection with Arterial Spin-Labeling MR Imaging in Follow-Up of a Treated Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation 194-9
Piyapittayanan S, Wattanapituxpong S, Ngamsombat C, Aurboonyawat T, Chankaew E, Petsuksiri J, Zhang S, Chawalparit O PDF
The Result of the Critical View of Safety Timeout Technique in Prevention of Bile Duct Injury in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Retrospective Study at a Large Community Teaching Hospital 200-7
Khaimook A, Jusuwan T, Chang A PDF
Prevalence of Vestibular Migraine in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients in Rajavithi Hospital 208-11
Tungvachirakul V PDF
Prevalence and Association between Obesity and Iron Deficiency in Children 212-8
Khemphet R, Yupensuk N PDF
Differential Proliferative Responses to Low-Dose Irradiation between Human Submandibular and Parotid Salivary Ductal Cell Lines 219-27
Apinan R, Makeudom A, Kangvonkit P, Prapayasatok S, Janebodin K, Supanchart C, Pruksakorn D, Krisanaprakornkit S PDF
Quality of Life among Lower Limb Amputees with Chronic Phantom Limb Pain or Stump Pain at a Tertiary Institution’s Pain Clinic 228-39
Pasutharnchat K, Juengsmarn A, Jarupongsa J PDF
Surgical Complications and Functional Outcomes in Children with Anorectal Malformations with Vestibular Fistula 240-6
Ruangtrakool R, Sirianant P PDF
The Association between Urinary Malondialdehyde and Obesity 247-53
Chootong R, Choosong T, Sono S, Noofong Y PDF
Multiparametric MRI for Prostate Cancer Detection Using PI-RADS v2 Compared with MRI/Ultrasound Fusion- Guided Biopsy 254-62
Wibulpolprasert P, Hawanit J, Phongkitkarun S, Kijvikai K, Worawichawong S PDF

Review Article

A Conceptual Framework for Prevention of Chronic Postsurgical Pain 263-73
Seangrung R, Sutthiwaraphirak A PDF