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Original Article

The Effectiveness of On-Line Hemodiafiltration on beta-2 Microglobulin Clearance in End Stage Renal Disease 1
Panich A, Tiranathanagul K, Praditpornsilpa K, Eiam-Ong S PDF
Effect of Aloe (Aloe vera Linn.) on Healthy Adult Volunteers: Changes in Urinary Composition 9
Kirdpon S, Kirdpon W, Airarat W, Trevanich A, Nanakorn S PDF
Study of Cyclosporine Level at 2 Hours after Administration in Preoperative Kidney Transplant Recipients for Prediction of Postoperative Optimal Cyclosporine Dose 15
Sukhavasharin N, Praditpornsilpa K, Avihingsanon Y, Kuoatawintu P, O-Charoen R, Kansanabuch T, Tungsanga K, Eiam-Ong S PDF
High Prevalence of Indinavir-Associated Renal Complications in Thai HIV-Infected Patients 21
Avihingsanon A, Avihingsanon Y, Darnpornprasert P, Kerr S, Ungsedhapand C, Duncombe C, Ubolyam S, Ruxrungtham K, Phanuphak P PDF
Persistent Hypertension in Thai Children: Etiologies and Outcome 28
Sumboonnanonda A, Chongcharoensuk C, Supavekin S, Pattaragarn A PDF
Efficacy of Intradermal Hepatitis B Vaccination Compared to Intramuscular Vaccination in Hemodialysis Patients 33
Chanchairujira T, Chantaphakul N, Thanwandee T, Ong-Ajyooth L PDF
The Relation of Vesicoureteral Reflux and Renal Scarring in Childhood Urinary Tract Infection 41
Supavekin S, Kucivilize K, Hunnangkul S, Sriprapaporn J, Pattaragarn A, Sumboonnanonda A PDF
Abnormal Kinetics of Erythrocyte Sodium Lithium Countertransport in Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy in Thailand 48
Vareesangthip K, Panthongdee W, Shayakul C, Nitiyanant W, Ong-Aj-Yooth L PDF
Accuracy of Using 30-Minute Post-Dialysis BUN to Determine Equilibrated Kt/V 54
Chirananthavat T, Tungsanga K, Eiam-Ong S PDF
Efficacy of Cellulose Triacetate Dialyzer and Polysulfone Synthetic Hemofilter for Continuous Venovenous Hemofiltration in Acute Renal Failure 65
Pichaiwong W, Leelahavanichkul A, Eiam-ong S PDF
Pharmacokinetic Study of the Combination of Tacrolimus and Fluconazole in Renal Transplant Patients 73
Lumlertgul D, Noppakun K, Rojanasthien N, Kanchanarattanakorn K, Jittikanont S, Manoyot A, Bunnachak D, Ophascharoensuk V PDF
Target Quantity for Twice-a-Week Hemodialysis: The EKR (Equivalent Renal Urea Clearance) Approach 79
Manotham J, Tiranathanagul K, Praditpornsilpa K, Eiam-Ong S PDF
Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration in Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital 86
Chuasuwan A, Gojaseni P, Chittinandana A PDF
Survival and Technical Failure in a Large Cohort of Thai CAPD Patients 98
Pongskul C, Sirivongs D, Keobounma T, Chanlertrith D, Promajuk P, Limwatananon C PDF
An Analysis of 3,555 Cases of Renal Biopsy in Thailand 106
Parichatikanond P, Chawanasuntorapoj R, Shayakul C, Choensuchon B, Vasuvattakul S, Vareesangthip K, Chanchairujira T, Sritippayawan S, Vongwiwatana A, Premasathian N, Kiattisunthorn K, Larpkitkachorn R PDF
Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease in Thai Adult Population 112
Chittinandana A, Chailimpamontree W, Chaloeiphap P PDF
Significance of Antiphospholipid Antibodies in Lupus Nephritis 121
Natejumnong C, Ruangkanchanasetr P, Aimpun P, Supaporn T PDF
Effectiveness of Oral Route Isosorbide 5-Mononitrate on Peritoneal Solute and Fluid Transports in CAPD Patients 129
Kanjanabuch T, Eiam-Ong S PDF
Risk Factors of First Peritonitis Episode in Thai CAPD Patients 138
Sirivongs D, Pongskul C, Keobounma T, Chunlertrith D, Sritaso K, Johns J PDF
Bedside Renal Assessment: A Comparison of Various Prediction Equations in Thai Healthy Adults 146
Kaitwatcharachai C PDF
Hepatitis-B Virus-Associated Nephropathies in Adults: A Clinical Study in Thailand 151
Panomsak S, Lewsuwan S, Eiam-Ong S, Kanjanabuch T PDF
The Clinicopathology and Outcome of Post-Infectious Glomerulonephritis: Experience in 36 Adults 157
Srisawat N, Aroonpoonsub L, Lewsuwan S, Kanjanabuch T, Avihingsanon Y, Praditpornsilpa K, Tungsanga K, Chusil S, Eiam-ong S PDF
Clinical Characteristics and Histopathological Findings in 120 IgA Nephropathy Patients in Thailand 163
Riansuwan T, Kanjanabuch T, Lewsuwan S, Eiam-Ong S PDF
Citrate Attenuates Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis in 5/6 Nephrectomized Rats by Decreasing Transforming Growth Factor- 168
Manotham K, Eiam-Ong S, Eiam-Ong S, Wannakrairot P, Praditpornsilpa K, Chusil S, Tungsanga K PDF
Alleviation of Renal and Pulmonary Injury by Immunomodulation in leptospirosis: Hamster Model 177
Praditpornsilpa K, Sangjun N, Kittikowit W, Phulsuksombati D, Avihingsanon Y, Kansanabuch T, Tungsanga K, Eiam-Ong S PDF
The Effect of Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker on Peritoneal Membrane Transports in Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Patients 188
Jearnsujitwimol V, Eiam-Ong S, Eiam-Ong S, Wathanavaha A, Pansin P PDF
The Efficacy of Single-Needle versus Double-Needle Hemodialysis in Chronic Renal Failure 196
Trakarnvanich T, Chirananthavat T, Ariyakulnimit S, Maneerat P, Chabsuwan S PDF
The Validity of A New Practical Quality of Life Measure in Patients on Renal Replacement Therapy 207
Cheawchanwattana A, Limwattananon C, Gross C, Limwattananon S, Tangcharoensathien V, Pongskul C, Sirivongs D PDF
Mycophenolate Mofetil Treatment in Primary Glomerular Disease: One-Year Follow-Up in Steroid Dependent and Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome 218
Tasanarong A, Thitiarchakul S PDF
Effect of Diltiazem on the Pharmacokinetics of Microemulsion Cyclosporine A in Renal Transplantation 228
Bunnag S, Vareesangthip K, Ong-ajyooth L PDF
Co-administration of Diltiazem and Cyclosporine for Kidney Transplant Recipients : A Four Year Follow-Up Study 235
Ingsathit A, Sumethkul V, Chalermsanyakorn P, Jirasiritham S PDF
Anemia and Survival in Thai Hemodialysis Patients: Evidence from National Registry Data 242
Krairittichai U, Supaporn T, Aimpun P, Wangsiripaisan A, Chaiprasert A, Sakulsaengprapha A, Chittinandana A, Thanachartwet W, Palasawatdhi V, Srangsomwong S PDF

Case Report

The Combination of Thrombotic Microangiopathy and Nodular Sclerosis in Light Chain Deposition Disease 248
Kanjanabuch T, Bunruang R, Srisawat N, Lewsuwan S, Kittikovit V, Eiam-Ong S PDF
A Rare Case of Chylous Ascites and Chyluria in an Adult Nephrotic Syndrome with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis 253
Lewsuwan S, Kanjanabuch T, Avihingsanon Y, Praditpornsilpa K, Eiam-Ong S PDF
Failure of Hepatitis B Surface Antibody to Protect Acute Fulminating Hepatitis in a Renal Transplant Recipient 257
Sobhonslidsuk A, Sornmayura P, Sumethkul V PDF

Special Article

Update in Pathophysiology and Histopathology of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis 262
Kanjanabuch T, Lewsuwan S, Kitiyakara C, Cheunsuchon B, Eiam-Ong S PDF