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Original Article

Birth Risk Indicators for Maternal and Neonatal Health: Songkla Center Hospital Perspective 147
Kaewsuksai P, Chandeying V PDF
False Positive Rate of Serum Markers for Down Syndrome Screening: Does Transportation Have any Effect? 152
Sirichotiyakul S, Luewan S, Sekararith R, Tongsong T PDF
Diabetes Self-Management, Fasting Blood Sugar and Quality of Life among Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Foot Ulcers 156
Navicharern R PDF
Lipid Profile Changes in Thai HIV and Tuberculosis Co-Infected Patients Receiving Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors-Based Antiretroviral Therapy 163
Mankhatitham W, Luaengniyomkul A, Manosuthi W PDF
Nosocomial Bloodstream Infection in Songklanagarind Hospital: Outcome and Factors Influencing Prognosis 170
Hortiwakul T, Nagij S, Chusri S, Silpapojakul K PDF
The Low Prevalence of Primary Restless Legs Syndrome in Thai Parkinson’s Disease Patients at Chulalongkorn University Hospital 175
Jagota P, Asawavichienjinda T, Bhidayasiri R PDF
The Relative False Negative Rate of Isosulfan Blue in Detecting Sentinel Lymph Nodes in Early Breast Cancer 181
Kantaraksa N, Kongdan Y, Suvikapakornkul R, Wasutit Y, Chirappapha P, Lertsithichai P PDF
Single Dose of Gabapentin for Prophylaxis Intrathecal Morphine-Induced Pruritus in Orthopedic Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial 186
Chiravanich W, Oofuvong M, Kovitwanawong N PDF
The Use of Continuous Thoracic Paravertebral Nerve Block under Direct Vision for Postoperative Pain Management in Thoracic Surgery 191
Pipanmekaporn T, Saeteng S PDF
The Usage of a Hand-Made Chair at Home for Children with Moderate to Severe Cerebral Palsy: Preliminary Study 198
Siritaratiwat W, Inthachom R, Warnset S PDF
Snake Scope Camera Assisted Endotracheal Intubation: A Procedural Skills Training in Cadaver to Prepare Preclinical Students for Their Clerkships 205
Tansatit T, Apinuntrum P, Phetudom T PDF
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) and Phacoemulsification (PE) 212
Jongsareejit A, Wiriyaluppa C, Kongsap P, Phumipan S PDF
CT Appearances of Post-Radiation Livers in Patients with Unresectable Cholangiocarcinoma 221
Apisarnthanarak P, Kanchanarat K, Muangsomboon K, Walailak W, Ieumwananonthachai N, Pattaranutaporn P PDF
Skin Toxicity and Cosmesis after Hypofractionated Whole Breast Irradiation for Early Breast Cancer 229
Saksornchai K, Rojpornpradit P, Shotelersak K, Lertbutsayanukul C, Chakkabat C, Raiyawa T PDF
Model Development for Substance Abusing Surveillance System in Communities 241
Damapong P, Tongkrajai P, Homchampa P, Kanato M PDF
The Effect of Squad Leader Mentors through Short Message Services for Mobile Phones in Promoting Safe Sex among First (Central) Army Area Conscripts of Thailand 249
Kaoaiem H, Taneepanichskul S, Somrongthong R, Saengdidtha B, Lertmaharit S PDF
The Integration of the Applied Thai Traditional Medicine into Hospitals of the Current Health Delivery System: The Development of an Administrative/Management Model 257
Fakkham S, Sirithanawutichi T, Jarupoonpol V, Homjumpa P, Bunalesnirunltr M PDF
Interrater Reliability of Thai Version of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis II Personality Disorders (T-SCID II) 264
Wongpakaran T, Wongpakaran N, Bookkamana P, Boonyanaruthee V, Pinyopornpanish M, Likhitsathian S, Suttajit S, Srisutadsanavong U PDF

Case Report

Functional and Manometric Outcomes after a Congenital Pouch Colon Reconstruction: Report of a Case 270
Sangkhathat S, Patrapinyokul S, Chiengkriwate P PDF
Intravenous Bisphosphonate Therapy for Children Who Have a Traumatic Fracture Neck of Femur and Osteonecrosis: A Case Report 275
Pisuitthanakan S, Premprabha T PDF
Upper Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis Related to Fatal Massive Pulmonary Embolism after Spinal Surgery 279
Oofuvong M, Oearsakul T, Chittithavorn V, Viboonjuntra P PDF
Acquired Hypoprothrombinemia Inducing Bleeding in a Girl with Transient Antiphospholipid Antibody: Case Report 282
Anurathapan U, Sasanakul W, Sirachainan N, Kasemkosolsri C, Jaovisidha S, Chuansumrit A PDF
18F-FDG Avid in Uterine Leiomyoma: A Case Report 288
Chiewvit S PDF
Drug Interaction between Valproic Acid and Meropenem: A Case Report 293
Suntimaleeworakul W, Patharachayakul S, Chusri S PDF


Kesornsak W, Sarnvivad P, Paiboonsirijit S, Kuansongthum V PDF