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Original Article

Vitamin E Ameliorates Renal Fibrosis by Inhibition of TGF-β/Smad2/3 Signaling Pathway in UUO Mice 1
Tasanarong A, Kongkham S, Duangchana S, Thitiarchakul S, Eiam-Ong S PDF
Vitamin E Ameliorates Renal Fibrosis in Ureteral Obstruction:Role of Maintaining BMP-7 during Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition 10
Tasanarong A, Kongkham S, Thitiarchakul S, Eiam-Ong S PDF
Prevalence of Malnutrition and Nutritional Assessment in Abdominal-Surgical Patients; A Prospective Cross-Sectional Study 19
Siribumrungwong B, Srithamma B, Kuntonpreeda K, Tomtitchong P, Paochareun V PDF
Viral Infection of Central Nervous System in Children: One Year Prospective Study 24
Paticheep S, Kongsaengdao S PDF
Effect of Polyethylene Bag to Prevent Heat Loss in Preterm Infants at Birth: A Randomized Controlled Trial 32
Chantaroj S, Techasatid W PDF
Henoch-Schonlein Purpura in Thai Children: A Report from Single Center 38
Pengpis P, Intrakao S, Khositseth S PDF
A 1-Year Experience with Liquid-Based and Conventional Papanicolaou Smear in Thammasat University Hospital 47
Suwannarurk K, Bhamarapravatana K, Thaweekul Y, Mairaing K, Poomtavorn Y, Pattaraarchachai J PDF
Effect of Intramuscular Diclofenac after Explore Laparotomy for Gynecologic Surgery: A Randomized Double-Blinded Placebo Controlled Trial 52
Thaweekul Y, Suwannarurk K, Maireang K, Poomtavorn Y PDF
Comparison of Level of Pain between Using Manual Vacuum Aspiration and Sharp Curettage in Management of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding 57
Boonyarangkul A, Leksakulchai O PDF
Clinical Experience in Forearm Tourniquet Use 62
Arunakul R, Niempoog S PDF
Hallux Valgus Correction Using a Mini TightRope Device: A Report of the Short Term Outcomes in 3 Feet 66
Angthong C, Kanitnate S, Angthong W PDF
Characteristics of Unscheduled Emergency Department Return Visit Patients within 48 Hours in Thammasat University Hospital 73
Imsuwan I PDF
Correlation between Stressors and Academic Performance in Second Year Medical Students 81
Nuallaong W PDF
Parenting, Parent and Child Mental Health in the Families of Maltreated Children Registered with the Child Protection Unit, Thammasat University Hospital 86
Chaopricha S, Lerthattasilp T, Pimsungkul K PDF
Psychotherapy Practices and Training Experiences: A National Survey of Young Thai Psychiatrists 95
Charernboon T, Phanasathit M PDF
Etiology of Vertigo in Thai Patients at Thammasat Hospital 102
Bunasuwan P, Bunbanjerdsuk S, Nilsuwan A PDF
Hep 88 mAb Induced Ultrastructural Alteration Through Apoptosis Like Program Cell Death in Hepatocellular Carcinoma 109
Manochantr S, Puthong S, Gamnarai P, Roitrakul S, Kittisenachai S, Kangsadalampai S, Rojpibulstit P PDF
Antimicrobial Activity of Rice Bran Extracts for Diarrheal Disease 117
Kondo S, Teongtip R, Srichana D, Itharat A PDF
Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents of Thai Rice Extracts and Their Correlation with Antioxidant Activities using Chemical and Cell Assays 122
Hansakul P, Srisawat U, Itharat A, Lerdvuthisopon N PDF
Crocodylus siamensis Serum and Macrophage Phagocytic Activity 131
Aree K, Siruntawineti J, Chaeychomsri W PDF
Inter-Rater and Intra-Rater Reliability of the Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM-66) by Thai Pediatric Physical Therapists 139
Mahasup N, Sritipsukho P, Lekskulchai R, Keawutan P PDF
Disability and Late-Life Depression: A Prospective Population-Based Study 145
Jittawisuthikul O, Jirapramukpitak T, Sumpowthong K PDF
Antibacterial Activity of Crude Extracts of Prasaprohyai Formula and Its Components against Pathogenic Bacteria 153
Sattaponpan C, Kondo S PDF
Bacterial Contamination Assay of Thai Herbal Products 162
Pocaphan P, Kondo S PDF
Antibacterial Activity of Extracts from Five Medicinal Plants and Their Formula against Bacteria That Cause Chronic Wound Infection 166
Temrangsee P, Kondo S, Itharat A PDF
Antimicrobial Activity of the Extracts from Benchalokawichian Remedy and Its Components 172
Nuaeissara S, Kondo S, Itharat A PDF
Free Radical Scavenging and Lipid Peroxidation of Thai Medicinal Plants Used for Diabetic Treatment 178
Steinrut L, Itharat A, Ruangnoo S PDF
Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activity of Thai Traditional Nootropic Remedy and Its Herbal Ingredients 183
Tappayuthpijarn P, Itharat A, Makchuchit S PDF

Case Report

Initial Experience of Therapeutic Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest with Surface Cooling Method in Thammasat Chalerm Prakiat Hospital: Two Cases Report 190
Suwannakin A, Muengtaweepongsa S PDF
Symptomatic Leptomeningeal and Entirely Intramedullary Spinal Cord Metastasis from Supratentorial Glioblastoma: A Case Report 194
Tantongtip D, Rukkul P PDF
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis in Immunized Thai Children 198
Khusiwilai K, Viravan S PDF
Transient Hyperkalemic Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis with Bicarbonate Wasting in a Young Child 204
Khositseth S PDF
Failed Conservative Treatment of Synchronous Primary Cancer of Endometrium and Ovary in a Young Thai Woman: A Case Report 208
Suwannarurk K, Bhamarapravatana K, Thaweekul Y, Mairaing K, Poomtavorn Y, Warnnissorn N, Wattanaruangkowit P PDF
Unusual Subtrochanteric Femoral Insufficiency Fractures Associated with the Prolonged Use of Alendronate and Risedronate: A Report of Two Cases 214
Angthong C, Angthong W PDF