Issue Title
Vol 89, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2006 (SUPPL. 4) Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus   PDF
Boriboonhirunsarn D, Talungjit P, Sunsaneevithayakul P, Sirisomboon R
Vol 90, No 3: MARCH 2007 Adverse Reactions of 300 MG Diethylcarbamazine, and in a Combination of 400 MG Albendazole, for a Mass Annual Single Dose Treatment, in Migrant Workers in Phang Nga Province   PDF
Yongyuth P, Koyadun S, Jaturabundit N, Jariyahuttakij W, Bhumiratana A
Vol 90, No 7: JULY 2007 Aerobic Capacity of Fifth-Year Medical Students at Chiang Mai University   PDF
Tongprasert S, Wattanapan P
Vol 84, No 1: JANUARY 2001 Aerobic Microbiological Study in Term Pregnant Women with Premature Rupture of the Membranes : A Case-Control Study   PDF
Kovavisarach E, Sermsak P, Kanjanahareutai S
Vol 88, No 12: DECEMBER 2005 Afferent Projections from Motoneurons Innervating Extraocular Muscles to the Cerebellum Demonstrated by the Retrograde Double-Labeling Technique   PDF
Sunartpin P, Kotchabhakdi N
Vol 87, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2004 (SUPPL. 2) Age and Gender Effects on Postural Stability and Static Balance in Thai Community Dwelling Adults   PDF
Raiva V, Wannasetta W, Gulsatitporn S, Aksaranugraha S
Vol 90, No 4: APRIL 2007 Age Related Changes in Hearing Level among Thai People   PDF
Kaewboonchoo O, Saleekul S, Jaipukdee S
Vol 91, No 3: MARCH 2008 Age-Related Rehabilitation Outcome in Stroke Patients   PDF
Manimmanakorn N, Arrayawichanon P, Wattanapun P, Nuntharuksa C, Kuptniratsaikul V
Vol 78, No 10: OCTOBER 1995 Ages at Thelarche and Menarche : Study in Southern Thai Schoolgirls   PDF
Jaruratanasirikul S, Lebel L
Vol 101, No 6: JUNE 2018 Aggressive Fibromatosis of Neck and Superior Mediastinum: A Case Report   PDF
Chongkolwatana C, Limviriyakul S, Slisatkorn W, Pongsapich W
Vol 93, No 4: APRIL 2010 Agranulocytosis in Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever: A Neglected Condition   PDF
Insiripong S
Vol 92, No 8: AUGUST 2009 Agreement and Reproducibility of Contact and Immersion Techniques for Axial Length Measurement and Intraocular Lens Power Calculation   PDF
Kitthaweesin K, Mungsing W
Vol 95, No 4: APRIL 2012 (SUPPL. 4) Agreement and Reproducibility of Tono-pen® XL Tip Covered with Ocufilm and Fingertip of Surgical Glove in Intra-ocular Pressure Measurement   PDF
Sayawat N, Duangnumsawang D
Vol 102, No 5: MAY 2019 (SUPPL. 4) Agreement between Cytological and Surgicopathological Diagnoses of Respiratory Specimens in Rajavithi Hospital, Thailand   PDF
Kuakpaetoon T
Vol 103, No 1: JANUARY 2020 Agreement in Evaluation of Inferior Vena Cava Collapsibility Index by Medical Students Using Ultrasound Compared to Emergency Physicians   PDF
Nakornchai T, Jumpa N, Ruangsomboon O, Chaisirin W, Riyapan S, Surabenjawong U, Praphruetkit N, Chakorn T, Monsomboon A
Vol 102, No 12: DECEMBER 2019 Agreement of Evolution ASA-PS Classification Evaluated by Anesthesia Residents and Research Team and Association with Perioperative Complications   PDF
Lomarat N, Chinnachoti T, Sakulnamanek S, Sriwongpornthan S
Vol 98, No 8: AUGUST 2015 (SUPPL 7) Agreement of Tracing and Direct Viewing Techniques for Cervical Vertebral Maturation Assessment   PDF
Wiwatworakul O, Manosudprasit M, Pisek P, Chatrchaiwiwatana S, Wangsrimongkol T
Vol 102, No 1: JANUARY 2019 (SUPPL. 1) Agreement of Tuberculin Skin Test and QuantiFERON®-TB Gold-In-Tube for Screening Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in Healthcare Workers in a University Hospital   PDF
Ar-karachaiphong K, Chaiear N, Reechaipichitkul W, Faksri K, Lerdruampattana S
Vol 99, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2016 (SUPPL. 6) Agreement of Variables Selection and Program Development for Data Collection in Thai Intensive Care Unit by Delphi Method   PDF
Chittawatanarat K, Daungcharone K, Chaiwat O, Champunot R, Permpikul C
Vol 81, No 11: NOVEMBER 1998 AIDS Education and Intervention Trials Among Youths in Factories: A Pilot Project   PDF
Sakondhavat C, Sittitrai W, Soontharapa S, Werawatanakul Y, Pinitsoontorn P
Vol 83, No 10: OCTOBER 2000 AIDS Prevention Strategies for Rural Families in Northeastern Thailand   PDF
Sakondhavat C, Sittitrai W, Soontharapa S, Veerawatanatrakul Y, Aryuvatana D, Kukieattikool P
Vol 85, No 5: MAY 2002 AIDS-Related Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma: Prolonged Remission Associated with Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy   PDF
Chotmongkol V, Pesee M
Vol 85, No 8: AUGUST 2002 (SUPPL. 2) Airway Complications in Neonates Who Received Mechanical Ventilation   PDF
Kolatat T, Aunganon K, Yosthiem P
Vol 104: FEBRUARY 2021 (SUPPL. 1) Airway Management with the Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) in Emergency Medical Services   PDF
Apiratwarakul K, Phanthachai K, Gaysonsiri D, Bhudhisawasdi V, Artpru R
Vol 88, No 11: SEPTEMBER 2005 (SUPPL. 3) Albuminuria in Rural Thai People: A Community-Based Screening with Combur Test and Micral Test Strips   PDF
Hatthachote P, Suwan K, Pongmanee K, Areekul W
Vol 93, No 3: MARCH 2010 (SUPPL.3) Alcohol Drinking Behaviour and Economic Cost Incurred by Users in Khon Kaen   PDF
Paileeklee S, Kanato M, Kaenmanee S, McGhee SM
Vol 91, No 12: DECEMBER 2008 Alcohol Septal Ablation for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy, the First Cases Series in Thailand   PDF
Chamnarnphol N, Wisaratapong T
Vol 94, No 11: NOVEMBER 2011 Alcohol Septal Ablation without Myocardial Contrast Echocardiography for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy   PDF
Chamnarnphol N, Wisaratapong T, Cheewatanakornkul S
Vol 94, No 7: JULY 2011 Alcohol-Based Chlorhexidine vs. Povidone Iodine in Reducing Skin Colonization Prior to Regional Anesthesia Procedures   PDF
Krobbuaban B, Diregpoke S, Prasan S, Thanomsat M, Kumkeaw S
Vol 100, No 3: MARCH 2017 (SUPPL. 2) Allele Frequency Estimation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Promoter and 5’untranslated Region of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Thai Breast Cancer Patients   PDF
Sa-nguanraksa D, Malasit P, O-charoenrat P
Vol 85, No 8: AUGUST 2002 (SUPPL. 2) Allele Related Mutation Specific-Polymerase Chain Reaction for Rapid Diagnosis of Hb New York (Beta 113 (G15) Vai-+Giu, pcnm GI~AG)   PDF
Viprakasit V, Tanchavanich K, Suwantol L, PungAmritt P, Chinchang W, Tanphaichitr VS
Vol 80, No 2: FEBRUARY 1997 Allergen Skin Test Reactivities Among Asthmatic Thai Children   PDF
Kongpanichkul A, Vichyanond P, Tuchinda M
Vol 96, No 10: OCTOBER 2013 Allergic Family History as a Protective Determinant to Helminthic Infection   PDF
Sangsupawanich P, Chongsuvivatwong V, Mo-suwan L, Choprapawon C
Vol 89, No 3: MARCH 2006 (SUPPL. 2) Alleviation of Renal and Pulmonary Injury by Immunomodulation in leptospirosis: Hamster Model   PDF
Praditpornsilpa K, Sangjun N, Kittikowit W, Phulsuksombati D, Avihingsanon Y, Kansanabuch T, Tungsanga K, Eiam-Ong S
Vol 87, No 1: JANUARY 2004 Alleviation of the Climacteric Symptoms with Oral Sequential Hormone Replacement Therapy   PDF
Chittacharoen A, Domhardt R, Manonai J, Theppisai U, Golbs S
Vol 96, No 1: JANUARY 2013 (SUPPL. 1) Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Children with Severe Aplastic Anemia   PDF
Hutspardol S, Sirachainan N, Anurathapan U, Pakakasama S, Songdej D, Chuansumrit A, Sirireung S, Panthangkool W, Hongeng S
Vol 98, No 10: OCTOBER 2015 (SUPPL. 9) Alpha-Mangostin Partially Preserves Expression of Ammonia-Metabolizing Enzymes in Thioacetamide- Induced Fibrotic and Cirrhotic Rats   PDF
Khunvirojpanich M, Showpittapornchai U, Moongkarndi P, Pradidarcheep W
Vol 80, No 3: MARCH 1997 Alprazolam and Standard Antidepressants in the Treatment of Depression: A Meta-analysis of the Antidepressant Effect   PDF
Srisurapanont M, Boonyanaruthee V
Vol 94, No 12: DECEMBER 2011 Alterations in Malondialdehyde Levels and Laboratory Parameters among Methamphetamine Abusers   PDF
Suriyaprom K, Tanateerabunjong R, Tungtrongchitr A, Tungtrongchitr R
Vol 98, No 6: JUNE 2015 Alternative Landmarks of the Mandibular Foramen to Prevent Nerve Injury during Ramus Surgery   PDF
Apinhasmit W, Chompoopong S, Jansisyanont P
Vol 94, No 4: APRIL 2011 Alvarado Score for the Acute Appendicitis in a Provincial Hospital   PDF
Limpawattanasiri C
Vol 96, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2013 (SUPPL. 4) Alveolar Bone Graft Evaluation Agreement using Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients: A Pilot Study   PDF
Wangsrimongkol T, Manosudprasit M, Pisek P, Sutthiprapaporn P, Somsuk T
Vol 85, No 8: AUGUST 2002 (SUPPL. 2) Ambiguous Genitalia : An Overview of 22 Years Experience and the Diagnostic Approach in the Pediatric Department, Siriraj Hospital   PDF
Nimkarn S, Likitmaskul S, Sangacharoenkit P, Pathomvanich A, Sawathiparnich P, Wacharasindhu S, Punnakanta L, Angsusingha K, Tuchinda C
Vol 90, No 2: FEBRUARY 2007 Ambulatory Anorectal Surgery under Perianal Anesthetics Infiltration: Analysis of 222 Cases   PDF
Lohsiriwat V, Lohsiriwat D
Vol 106, No 8: AUGUST 2023 Ameloblastoma in Siriraj Hospital: A 14-Year Retrospective Analysis of Clinicopathological Characteristics Correlating to the WHO 2017 Classification   PDF
Yotchai W, Treeratpun S, Kongkate K, Yongsuvimol M, Sinmaroeng C, Yodrabum N
Vol 105, No 12: DECEMBER 2022 Amide Proton Transfer Imaging for Differentiation of Glioblastoma from Brain Metastasis   PDF
Kaewumporn U, Wongsawaeng D, Piyapittayanan S, Ngamsombat C, Chaysiri P, Kittikornchaichan J, Ningunha K, Tisavip N, Itthimathin T, Rayaruji K, Chawalparit O
Vol 83, No 4: APRIL 2000 Amifostine and Hematologic Effects   PDF
Sriswasdi C, Jootar S, Giles FJ
Vol 103, No 1: JANUARY 2020 (SUPPL. 1) Amiodarone vs digoxin for ventricular-rate control in patients with atrial fibrillation at the emergency department   PDF
Yuksen C, Sricharoen P, Jenpanitpong C, Satainrum K, Sukkho T, Sawanyawisuth K, Sittichanbuncha Y
Vol 84, No 5: MAY 2001 Amniotic Membrane Transplantation for Ocular Surface Reconstruction   PDF
Prabhasawat P, Kosrirukvongs P, Booranapong W, Vajaradul Y
Vol 76, No 5: MAY 1993 Amoebic Liver Abscess in Thailand, Clinical Analysis of 418 Cases   PDF
Boonyapisit S, Chinapak O, Plengvanit U
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