Issue Title
Vol 98, No 3: MARCH 2015 (SUPPL. 2) An Investigation of Antimicrobial and Wound Healing Potential of Allium ascalonicum Linn.   PDF
Saenthaweesuk S, Jitvaropas R, Somparn N, Thuppia A
Vol 92, No 8: AUGUST 2009 An Observation Study of Rapid Sequence, Awake and Sedation-Only Intubations in an Emergency Department in Thai patients   PDF
Trakulsrichai S, Sundarathiti P, Chalermdamrichai P, Palasatien I, Rattanasiri S, Chatchaipun P, Hathirat S
Vol 104, No 3: MARCH 2021 An Observational Study on Effect of High Human Milk Intake on Oxidative Status of VLBW Infants   PDF
Kositamongkol S
Vol 79, No 4: APRIL 1996 An Open Label Trial of Pergolide in Thai Patients with Parkinson's Disease   PDF
Poungvarin N, Prayoonwiwat N, Devahasatin V, Viriyavejakul A
Vol 95, No 3: MARCH 2012 (SUPPL. 3) An Open Label, Randomized Controlled Study of Oral Calcitriol for the Treatment of Proteinuria in Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease   PDF
Krairittichai U, Mahannopkul R, Bunnag S
Vol 95, No 10: OCTOBER 2012 An Open Study of Efficacy, Safety and Body Weight Changing in the Blendera-Tube Fed Patients   PDF
Trakulhoon V, Prammanasudh B
Vol 84, No 1: JANUARY 2001 An Open, Baseline Controlled Evaluation of Sertraline Safety and Efficacy in the Treatment of Depression in Thai Patients   PDF
Sertraline T
Vol 83, No 7: JULY 2000 An Open, Non Comparative Study of Ofloxacin I.V. on the Treatment of Acute Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infection   PDF
Asvanich K, Fugpholngam V, Srimuang S, Tanphaichitra D
Vol 90, No 10: OCTOBER 2007 An Open-Label Study of Quetiapine for Delirium   PDF
Maneeton B, Maneeton N, Srisurapanont M
Vol 96, No 1: JANUARY 2013 (SUPPL. 1) An Optimal Cut-off Point of Serum C-Reactive Protein in Prediction of Neonatal Sepsis   PDF
Boonkasidecha S, Panburana J, Chansakulporn S, Benjasuwantep B, Kongsomboon K
Vol 86, No 6: JUNE 2003 (SUPPL. 2) An Optimal Dose Study of Intrathecal Morphine in Gynecological Patients   PDF
Rodanant O, Sirichotewithayakorn P, Sriprajittichai P, Charuluxananan S
Vol 91, No 8: AUGUST 2008 An Outbreak of Acute Postoperative Endophthalmitis after Cataract Surgery   PDF
Ausayakhun S, Itthipunkul N, Patikulsila D, Choovuthayakorn J, Kunavisarut P, Wattananikorn S, Ausayakhun S
Vol 91, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2008 An Outbreak of Cholera among Migrants Living in a Thai-Myanmar Border Area   PDF
Swaddiwudhipong W, Ngamsaithong C, Peanumlom P, Hannarong S
Vol 90, No 10: OCTOBER 2007 An Outbreak of Imipenem-Resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii at Songklanagarind Hospital: The Risk Factors and Patient Prognosis   PDF
Jamulitrat S, Thongpiyapoom S, Suwalak N
Vol 83, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2000 An Outbreak of Influenza A Virus in a Hilltribe Village of Mae Hong Son Province Thailand, 1997   PDF
Tangkwzakul W, Tharmaphornpilas P, Laolukpong P
Vol 78, No 7: JULY 1995 (SUPPL. 1) An Outbreak of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (M.R.S.A.) in a Burn Unit   PDF
Danchaivijitr S, Chokloikaew S, Chanlrasaku C, wan S
Vol 78, No 7: JULY 1995 (SUPPL. 2) An outbreak of Norwegian Scabies in a Surgical Ward   PDF
Danchairi)llr Sw, Surhipinirrharm P, Srihapol N
Vol 97, No 2: FEBRUARY 2014 (SUPPL. 2) An outbreak of Paederus dermatitis in Thai Military Personnel   PDF
Suwannahitatorn P, Jatapai A, Rangsin R
Vol 78, No 7: JULY 1995 (SUPPL. 2) An Outbreak of Post-operative Endophthalmitis in Lampang Hospital   PDF
Piruksinjwn S, Burpongsupun S, Pravirhayakurn L, Tippuyudurapanich Dn
Vol 92, No 8: AUGUST 2009 (SUPPL.4) An Overview of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns for Gram-Negative Bacteria from the National Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Thailand (NARST) Program from 2000 to 2005   PDF
Apisarnthanarak A, Wanchai W, Tiengrim S, Sawanpanyalert P, Aswapokee N
Vol 92, No 8: AUGUST 2009 (SUPPL.4) An Overview of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of Gram-Positive Bacteria from National Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Thailand (NARST) Program from 2000 to 2005   PDF
Mootsikapun P, Trakulsomboon S, Sawanpanyalert P, Aswapokee N, Suankratay C
Vol 106, No 6: JUNE 2023 An Overweight Woman with Profound Symptomatic Nocturnal Bradycardia: A Case Report   PDF
Methavigul K, Panjapornpon K
Vol 95, No 5: MAY 2012 An Uncommon Cause of Compressive Myelopathy Misdiagnosed as Transverse Myelitis   PDF
Thongsong N, Setthawatcharawanich S, Sathirapanya P, Limapichat K, Phabphal K
Vol 97, No 6: JUNE 2014 (SUPPL. 6) An Unusual Cause of Progressive Cyanosis Post Fontan Operation: Congenital Extra-Hepatic Porto-Systemic Shunt   PDF
Layangool T, Kojaranjit V, Promphan W, Kirawittaya T, Sangtawesin C, Prachasilchai P
Vol 94, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2011 (SUPPL.4) An Update on RAAS Blockade and Peritoneal Membrane Preservation: The Ace of Art   PDF
Wontanatawatot W, Eiam-ong S, Leelahavanichkul A, Kanjanabuch T
Vol 99, No 11: NOVEMBER 2016 (SUPPL. 8) Anaesthetic Management for Caesarean Delivery Patient with Obstructed Superior Vena Cava by Mediastinal Mass   PDF
Pattaratuma V, Chandee T, Saiphoklang N
Vol 96, No 7: JULY 2013 Anal Fissures in Infants May Be a Pathognomonic Sign of Infants with Cow’s Milk Allergy   PDF
Jirapinyo P, Densupsoontorn N, Kangwanpornsiri C
Vol 98, No 3: MARCH 2015 (SUPPL. 2) Analgesic and Antipyretic Activity of Tri-Sa-Maw Recipe   PDF
Nanna U, Jaijoy K, Soonthornchareonnon N, Sireeratawong S
Vol 85, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2002 (SUPPL. 3) Analgesic Effect of Intraperitoneal Instillation ofBupivacaine for Postoperative Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy   PDF
Jiranantarat V, Rushatamukayanunt W, -Akyamanee NL, Siruearanai R, Piromrat I, Suwannanonda P, Muangkasem J
Vol 100, No 6 (2017): JUNE 2017 Analysis of 332 Mediastinal Masses in Thailand: Histopathology and Predictive Factors for Lymphoma   PDF
Owattanapanich W, Lamool R, Pongpruttipan T, Ruchutrakool T
Vol 87, No 10: OCTOBER 2004 (SUPPL. 3) Analysis of Cervical Cancer Among Contracepting Women at Siriraj Reproductive Health Research Center, WHO CC: A Ten-Year Review   PDF
Kiriwat O, Jivasak-Apimas S, Chiravacharadej G
Vol 90, No 2: FEBRUARY 2007 Analysis of Connective Tissue Growth Factor Promoter Polymorphism in Thai Children with Biliary Atresia   PDF
Sa-nguanmoo P, Vejchapipat P, Chongsrisawat V, Chirathaworn C, Honsawek S, Theamboonlers A, Poovorawan Y
Vol 94, No 10: OCTOBER 2011 Analysis of Exon 8 of ATP7B Gene in Thai Patients with Wilson Disease   PDF
Keandaungjuntr J, Busabaratana M, Kositchaiwat C, Sura T, Pulkes T
Vol 95, No 7: JULY 2012 (SUPP. 7) Analysis of Eye Health in the Thai Population   PDF
Yospaiboon Y, Yospaiboon K, Ratanapakorn T, Sinawat S, Sanguansak T, Bhoomibunchoo C
Vol 95, No 10: OCTOBER 2012 Analysis of KIR Genes in HLA-Identical Sibling Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Thai Patients with Leukemia   PDF
Wongwuttisaroj N, Vejbaesya S, Chongkolwatana V, Issaragrisil S
Vol 91, No 1: JANUARY 2008 Analysis of Polymorphisms in the 5’-Flanking Region of the Apolipoprotein(a) [Apo(a)] Gene in Thai Subjects with Coronary Artery Diseases   PDF
Tirawanchai N, Leowattana W, Somkasetrin A, Thongsaen P
Vol 102, No 7: JULY 2019 (SUPPL. 6) Analysis of prognostic factors and treatment outcomes for survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients: Single institute experience   PDF
Charonpongsuntorn C, Cheanklin P, Muntham D, Chommaitree P, Muangnoi P
Vol 93, No 11: NOVEMBER 2010 Analysis of Real-Time PCR Cycle Threshold of α-Thalassemia-1 Southeast Asian Type Deletion Using Fetal Cell-Free DNA in Maternal Plasma for Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis of Bart’s Hydrops Fetalis   PDF
Pornprasert S, Sukunthamala K, Kunyanone N, Sittiprasert S, Thungkham K, Junorse S, Pongsawatkul K, Pattanaporn W, Jitwong C, Sanguansermsri T
Vol 99, No 10: OCTOBER 2016 (SUPPL. 7) Analysis of Risk Areas of Opisthorchis viverrini in Rural Communities by Using SUT-OV-001   PDF
J. Kaewpitoon S, Sawaspol S, Chaimeerang Phandee M, Phandee W, Phanurak W, Rujirakul R, Wakkuwattapong P, Matrakool L, Tongtawee T, Panpimanmas S, Benjaoran F, Namvichaisirikul N, Jomkoa D, Joosiri A, Kaewpitoon N
Vol 83, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2000 Analysis of Skin Diseases in a Referral Pediatric Dermatology Clinic in Thailand   PDF
Wisuthsarewong W, Viravan S
Vol 83, No 11: NOVEMBER 2000 (SUPPL. 2) Analytical and Clinical Performance of Two Homogeneous Assays for Measuring of LDL-Cholesterol   PDF
Leowallana W, Narkrung S, Pokum S, Kiartivich S
Vol 97, No 1: JANUARY 2014 Analyzing Pregnancy Outcomes in Women of Extremely Advanced Maternal Age (≥45 years)   PDF
Phadungkiatwattana P, Rujivejpongsathron J, Tunsatit T, Yanase Y
Vol 93, No 5: MAY 2010 Anaphylactic Reaction to Phuk-Waan-Ban in a Patient with Latex Allergy   PDF
Stirapongsasuti P, Tanglertsampan C, Aunhachoke K, Sangasapaviliya A
Vol 90, No 1: JANUARY 2007 Anaphylaxis   PDF
Janwitayanujit S
Vol 95, No 12: DECEMBER 2012 (SUPPL. 12) Anaphylaxis to Weaver Ant Eggs: A Case Report   PDF
Chansakulporn S, Charoenying Y
Vol 103, No 5: MAY 2020 (SUPPL. 5) Anastomotic Leakage following 4,357 Colorectal Cancer Surgery: Incidence, Presentation, Pathogens, Treatment and Outcome   PDF
Lohsiriwat V, Assawasirisin C
Vol 90, No 7: JULY 2007 Anatomic Characteristics and Surgical Implications of the Superficial Radial Nerve   PDF
Huanmanop T, Agthong S, Luengchawapong K, Sasiwongpakdee T, Burapasomboon P, Chentanez V
Vol 90, No 8: AUGUST 2007 Anatomic Safe Zone for Proximal Ulnar Fixation: A Cadaver Study   PDF
Thammaroj T, Jianmongkol S, Kamanarong K
Vol 88, No 11: NOVEMBER 2005 Anatomic Safe Zone of Pin Insertion Point for Distal Clavicle Fixation   PDF
Thumroj E, Kosuwon W, Kamanarong K
Vol 94, No 2: FEBRUARY 2011 Anatomical Consideration of Pterion and Its Related References in Thai Dry Skulls for Pterional Surgical Approach   PDF
Apinhasmit W, Chompoopong S, Chaisuksunt V, Thiraphatthanavong P, Phasukdee N
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