Issue Title
Vol 94, No 12 (2011): DECEMBER 2011 (SUPPL. 7) Viral Infection of Central Nervous System in Children: One Year Prospective Study   PDF
Paticheep S, Kongsaengdao S
Vol 89, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2006 Virological and Immunological Responses of Efavirenz- Based HAART Regimen Initiated in HIV-Infected Patients at CD4 < 100 Versus CD4 > 100 Cells/mm3   PDF
Kiertiburanakul S, Sungkanuparph S, Rattanasiri S, Manosuthi W, Vibhagool A, Thakkinstian A
Vol 106, No 2: FEBRUARY 2023 Virological Outcome in Newly Adult HIV Cases on Rapid ART initiation in Thailand, A Retrospective Study   PDF
Khusuwan S, Sirijanchune P, Pongprapass S
Vol 103, No 10: OCTOBER 2020 Virtual Unenhanced Image in Abdominal Single Source Rapid Kilovoltage Switching CT Scan: Is It Comparable to True Unenhanced Image?   PDF
Chuangsuwanich N, Pongpornsup S
Vol 78, No 5: MAY 1995 Visceral Abscess in Melioidosis   PDF
Dhiensiri T, EuaAnanta Y
Vol 87, No 6: JUNE 2004 Vision Screening in Schoolchildren: Two Years Results   PDF
Tananuvat N, Manassakorn A, Worapong A, Kupat J, Chuwuttayakorn J, Wattananikorn S
Vol 104: FEBRUARY 2021 (SUPPL. 1) Visits to the Emergency Department during the 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak in Thailand   PDF
Apiratwarakul K, Kongudom N, Kotruchin P, Phungoen P, Larthum K
Vol 91, No 4: APRIL 2008 (SUPPL.1) Visual Acuity in Patients Having Cataract Surgery by Different Techniques   PDF
Raiyawa S, Jenchitr W, Yenjitr C, Tapunya M
Vol 91, No 4: APRIL 2008 (SUPPL.1) Visual Acuity in Patients Having Foldable and Non-foldable Intra-ocular Lens for Cataract Surgery   PDF
Raiyawa S, Samaiporn S, Sirikul S, Jenchitr W, Yenjitr C, Tapunya M
Vol 94, No 8: AUGUST 2011 Visual Analogue Scale Foot and Ankle: Validity and Reliability of Thai Version of the New Outcome Score in Subjective Form   PDF
Angthong C, Chernchujit B, Suntharapa T, Harnroongroj T
Vol 92, No 2: FEBUARY 2009 Visual Electrophysiology in Congenital Nystagmus with Normal Fundus   PDF
Surachatkumtonekul T, Ruangvaravate N, Sriyakul C
Vol 95, No 4: APRIL 2012 (SUPPL. 4) Visual Outcome after Cataract Surgery complicated by Posterior Capsule Rupture   PDF
Trinavarat A, Vichaiboon N
Vol 95, No 4: APRIL 2012 (SUPPL. 4) Visual Outcome and Prognostic Factors in Posterior Segment Intraocular Foreign Bodies   PDF
Thoongsuwan S, Rodanant N, Namatra C, Trinavarat A, Tantaterdtum J, Singalavanija A, Rojananin S
Vol 95, No 4: APRIL 2012 (SUPPL. 4) Visual Prognostic Value of Ocular Electrophysiology Tests in Corneal Transplantation   PDF
Thuangtong A, Samsen P, Ruangvaravate N, Supiyaphun C
Vol 97, No 10: OCTOBER 2014 Visual-Functional Mismatch and Results of Fractional Flow Reserve Guided Percutaneous Coronary Revascularization   PDF
Chantadansuwan T, Kehasukcharoen W, Kanoksilp A, Saejueng B, Plainetr V, Sukhavasharin N, Tansuphaswadikul S, Hengrussamee K
Vol 101, No 6: JUNE 2018 (SUPPL. 6) Visualization Development of Health Data Reporting with Business Intelligence Techniques   PDF
Homsuwan P, Soonklang K, Pongpun W, Saeloo S, Roekkasame S, Ungtrakul T, Siripongpreeda B, Kantathavorn N, Triphuridet N, Wittayasak K
Vol 85, No 11: NOVEMBER 2002 (SUPPL. 4) Vitamin A Status in Premature Infants   PDF
Feungpean B, Suthutvoravut U, Supapannachart S, Rakthai S, Chatvuttinun S
Vol 97, No 10: OCTOBER 2014 (SUPPL. 10) Vitamin A Supplementation for Prevention of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Very-Low-Birth-Weight Premature Thai Infants: A Randomized Trial   PDF
Kiatchoosakun P, Jirapradittha J, Panthongviriyakul C, Khampitak T, Yongvanit P, Boonsiri P
Vol 78, No 1: JANUARY 1995 Vitamin B , Folic Acid, Ferritin and Haematological Variables among Thai 12 * b k Construction Site Workers m Ur an Bang ok   PDF
Tungtrongchitr R, Pongpaew P, Phonrat B, Chanjanakitskul S, Paksanont S, Migasena P, Schelp FP
Vol 98, No 4: APRIL 2015 Vitamin D Deficiency and Adrenal Function in Critically Ill Children   PDF
Korwutthikulrangsri M, Mahachoklertwattana P, Lertbunrian R, Chailurkit L, Poomthavorn P
Vol 103, No 3: MARCH 2020 (SUPPL. 3) Vitamin D Status and Biomarkers Correlation in Thai Cancer Patients   PDF
Chaturawit P, Sukprasert S, Pattaraarchachai J, Voravud N
Vol 101, No 3: MARCH 2018 Vitamin D Status and Its Associated Factors in Rural Subjects in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Southern Thailand   PDF
Jeenduang N, Sriprachan C, Plyduang T, Nuinoon M, Horpet D, Sangkaew B, Kaewboonlert N
Vol 92, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2009 (SUPPL.5) Vitamin D Status of Thai Premenopausal Women   PDF
Soontrapa S, Soontrapa S, Bunyaratavej N, Rojanasthien S, Kittimanon N, Lektrakul S
Vol 94, No 12 (2011): DECEMBER 2011 (SUPPL. 7) Vitamin E Ameliorates Renal Fibrosis by Inhibition of TGF-β/Smad2/3 Signaling Pathway in UUO Mice   PDF
Tasanarong A, Kongkham S, Duangchana S, Thitiarchakul S, Eiam-Ong S
Vol 94, No 12 (2011): DECEMBER 2011 (SUPPL. 7) Vitamin E Ameliorates Renal Fibrosis in Ureteral Obstruction:Role of Maintaining BMP-7 during Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition   PDF
Tasanarong A, Kongkham S, Thitiarchakul S, Eiam-Ong S
Vol 95, No 1: JANUARY 2012 Vitamin E Supplement Improves Erythrocyte Membrane Fluidity of Thalassemia: An ESR Spin Labeling Study   PDF
Sutipornpalangkul W, Phumala N, Unchern S, Sanvarinda Y, Chantharaksri U, Fucharoen S
Vol 97, No 6: JUNE 2014 (SUPPL. 6) Vitamin Supplementation and Related Nutritional Status in Thai Children, Aged 1-5 Years   PDF
Ratanachu-ek S
Vol 89, No 12: DECEMBER 2006 Vitrification of Mouse Oocyte Using Open Pulled Straws Compared with Needles   PDF
Pornwiroon S, Kunathikom S, Makemaharn O, Huanaraj R
Vol 101, No 7: JULY 2018 Voice Improvement after Medialization Thyroplasty in Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis   PDF
Ngaotepprutaram P, Nakarat T, Aumsompong K, Buakanok N, Chotigavanich C, Chongkolwatana C
Vol 104, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2021 (SUPPL. 3) Volar Radiocarpal Joint Fracture Subluxation Associated with Scapholunate Ligament Injury: A Case Report and Review Literatures   PDF
Teantunyakij P, Phuawongphat A, Vilai P
Vol 104, No 1: JANUARY 2021 Volume and pH of Gastric Contents in Patients Undergoing Gynecologic Laparoscopic Surgery during Emergence from General Anesthesia: A Prospective Observational Study   PDF
Buayam W, Punchuklang W, Udompunthurak S, Vichitvejpaisal P
Vol 99, No 10: OCTOBER 2016 (SUPPL. 7) Waist to Height Ratio for Predicting Hemodynamic Responses of Treadmill Exercise Stress Test in Perimenopausal/Menopausal Women   PDF
Nimkuntod P, Tongdee P
Vol 88, No 2: FEBRUARY 2005 Waiver of Consent in Clinical Observational Research   PDF
Lertsithichai P
Vol 97, No 7: JULY 2014 (SUPPL. 7) Walking and Stair Climbing Abilities in Individuals After Chronic Stroke with and without Mental Health Problem   PDF
Prasomsri J, Jalayondeja C, Bovonsunthonchai S, Khemthong S
Vol 97, No 1: JANUARY 2014 Walking Function at 1-Year after Stroke Rehabilitation: A Multicenter Study   PDF
Dajpratham P, Kuptniratsaikul V, Putthakumnerd W, Limumpai P
Vol 93, No 12: DECEMBER 2010 Wall Thickness and Outer Diameter of the Normal Appendix in Adults Using 64 Slices Multidetector CT   PDF
Charoensak A, Pongpornsup S, Suthikeeree W
Vol 105, No 1: JANUARY 2022 (SUPPL. 1) Wandering Spleen in Young Adult: A Case Report   PDF
Chonmaitree P, Sudcharoen A, Poonyam P, Roongsangmanoon W, Maroongroge P, Burivong W, Viriyaroj V
Vol 98, No 2: FEBRUARY 2015 Warfarin Related Nephropathy: The First Case Report in Thailand   PDF
Larpparisuth N, Cheunsuchon B, Chawanasuntorapoj R, Vasuvattakul S, Vareesangthip K
Vol 86, No 6: JUNE 2003 (SUPPL. 2) Water and Sodium Disorders in Children Undergoing Surgical Treatment of Brain Tumors   PDF
Hiranrat P, Katavetin MP, Supornsilchai V, Wacharasindhu S, S
Vol 94, No 3: MARCH 2011 (SUPPL.2) Wavefront and Ocular Spherical Aberration after Implantation of Different Types of Aspheric Intraocular Lenses Based on Corneal Spherical Aberration   PDF
Chantra S, Pachimkul P, Naripthaphan P
Vol 101, No 7: JULY 2018 (SUPPL. 7) Ways to Improve Scores in Objective-Base Long Case Examination For 6th-Year Medical Students in the Internal Medicine Rotation   PDF
Suwannaroj S, Sawanyawisuth K, Panitchote A, Chansung K
Vol 87, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2004 (SUPPL. 2) Weekly Rescreening of 10% of the Total Cervical Papanicolaou Smears: A Worthwhile Quality Assurance Scheme   PDF
Sampatanukul P, Wannakrairot P, Promprakob U, Yodavudh S, Anansiriprapa C
Vol 88, No 11: NOVEMBER 2005 Weekly versus Three-Weekly Cisplatin as an Adjunct to Radiation Therapy in High-Risk Stage I-IIA Cervical Cancer after Surgery: A Randomized Comparison of Treatment Compliance   PDF
Chumworathayi B, Suprasert P, Charoenkwan K, Srisomboon J, Phongnarisorn C, Siriaree S, Cheewakriangkrai C, Tantipalakorn J, Kiatpeerakul C, Pantusart A
Vol 97, No 7: JULY 2014 (SUPPL. 7) Weight and Body Mass Index in Men and Age and Height in Women Relate to Difficulty and Ability in Performing Activities in Community-Living Thai Elders   PDF
Hiengkaew V, Vongsirinavarat M, Chaiyawat P
Vol 102, No 9: SEPTEMBER 2019 (SUPPL. 8) Weight Loss and Metabolic Outcomes after Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Vajira Hospital: a 5-Year Experience   PDF
Tansawet A, Boonseng P, Laopeamthong I, Kasetsermwiriya W, Techapongsatorn S
Vol 103, No 10: OCTOBER 2020 Weight-Bearing MRI of the Lumbosacral Spine: Difference between Supine and Weight Bearing Positions and Additional Value in Patients with Low Back Pain   PDF
Jaovisidha S, Manatrakul R, Woratanarat P, Paengon P, Fuangfa P
Vol 84, No 6: JUNE 2001 Well-Differentiated Villoglandular Adenocarcinoma of the Uterine Cervix: A Report of 15 Cases Including Two with Lymph Node Metastasis   PDF
Khunamompong S, Siriaunkgul S, Maleemonkol S, Pantusart A
Vol 88, No 6: JUNE 2005 Wernicke’s Encephalopathy: Report of a Case   PDF
Chotmongkol V, Limpawattana P
Vol 103, No 2: FEBRUARY 2020 (SUPPL. 2) What Factors Impact Stone-Free Rate after Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery for Large Renal Calculi?   PDF
Woranisarakul V, Lohasammakul S, Nualyong C, Taweemonkongsap T, Jongjitaree K, Phinthusophon K, Jitpraphai S, Suk-ouichai C, Sathidmangkang S, Chotikawanich E
Vol 94, No 7: JULY 2011 What is the Better Minimally Invasive Surgery in Pituitary Surgery: Endoscopic Endonasal Transsphenoidal Approach or Keyhole Supraorbital Approach?   PDF
Wongsirisuwan M
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